Post O'Clock: When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

There are over 1 billion active users on Instagram, according to a recent study by Statista. That number grew when COVID-19 hit and lockdowns started. More and more people are turning to social media as a safe haven, and it has changed the way content is created.  As a marketer, you want to maximize your time so you want to know when is the best time to post on Instagram and this post dives into that.

If you are a social media influencer, or you simply want more engagement on your Instagram posts, one of the most essential things to learn is the best time to post on Instagram. It’s not as simple as it may seem though, so read on to learn how you can increase your engagement by posting at just the right times.  

Know Your Brand

The first aspect to explore is knowing exactly what your brand is. Different brands benefit from posting at different times, because of the type of people they are posting for.

For example, restaurants who use Instagram to promote their business are best to promote during lunchtime, because that is when their customers are generally scrolling through their feed.

Knowing your brand can give you that upper hand on understanding when the people who would interact with your content are online. However, there are certain hotspot periods that can benefit anyone trying to gain engagement, despite not knowing exactly what your followers are looking for.  

Your Best Time to Post on Instagram

Of course, the best time to post on Instagram varies by time zone, so depending on where you live, these hotspots could change. In fact, taking advantage of time zones can be to your benefit. 

Generally, there are blocks of time each day in which posting could get you more engagement, and therefore they could be the best time to post on Instagram. Here are the blocks for each day of the week. These are considered the best times to post globally but remember that you need to post for your audience.

Monday: 6am-10am, and 10pm EST
Tuesday: 2am-4am, and 9am EST
Wednesday: 7am- 8am and 11pm EST
Thursday: 9am-12pm, and 7pm EST
Friday: 5am, and 1pm-3pm EST
Saturday: 11am, and 7pm-8pm EST
Sunday: 7am-8am, and 4pm EST

It is important to keep in mind that these can be relative to the day, so posting on these times doesn’t guarantee you more engagement, but you will have a much better chance than just posting randomly. 

Also, some people suggest not posting on the weekends at all, as there is much less of a chance of people being online and scrolling. However, if you do decide to, you have a better chance when sticking to those time blocks. 

Growing Engagement on Your Instagram

Getting interactions with your content is the main reason people post on social media. However, this can be very tricky when starting out. People are more likely to interact with something that has a lot of engagement than one that has very little. 

If you are a new Instagramer and are trying to get more engagement, consider the option to buy Instagram views while also posting at the time blocks mentioned above.

If you research the best ways to create the content you’re trying to make, taking into account the best times to post, and posting consistently, you can be sure that your page will soon have much more engagement.  

Setting Your Schedule

There are different ways to make sure you are posting at the correct times. Create content ahead of time, so you can schedule the best time to post on Instagram. A great way to be consistent is to make a lot of content at once and spread out how you post it. 

Research similar Instagramers and notice how and when they post. And always review your Insights data to learn the best time to post on Instagram. It takes practice, but soon you will see the hard work paying off. Read more of our articles to get extra tips on growing your business.

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