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Website design

Retail research reveals that 92% of consumers do not visit a website to purchase a product or service. Website design and development is a special science that draws in visitors and helps guide the web surfer’s next move.

This means that you should focus on creating a professional site that people can easily navigate. Do you know what it takes to develop a great site for your business?

5 Expert Website Design and Development Tips

People can see your website from anywhere, so build one that proudly reflects your brand. Read on to learn 5 things to consider as you design a website.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization drives organic traffic to your website by increasing your rank. The search engine takes everything on your page into account, including strategic titles, internal links, fitting graphics, etc.

Including keywords, a meta description, and appropriate tags will help boost your rank, as will unique visits and page shares. The SEO algorithm can easily overwhelm the average person, so you may want to hire a website design company for this task.

2. Aesthetics

With a simple click, your first impression could be over in seconds. Create a page that people want to look at.

Choose easy to read fonts. Pick a background color that makes reading easy so that people actually read it. White or light-colored backgrounds with bold accent colors typically do the trick.

Website design also needs good images. For consumers, you want graphics that catch their attention. For the search engine, you need concisely captioned pictures that match your content.

Try to stay away from stock images. To the visitor, they may remind them of a competitor who used the same photo. The search engine boosts your rank for unique content and lowers it for using stock.

Do not avoid negative space! It avoids clutter, which makes it readable.

3. Navigation

Break up your site into multiple pages. Otherwise, important info will get lost in the scroll.

Add-in well-planned navigation menus. Do not get fancy here. Use plain language so consumers can find what they need.

4. Mobile

A 2018 internet study found that 52.2% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. This makes it important to create a mobile-friendly site.

When once this gave you a leg up on the competition, it now simply keeps you in the game. If your site will not load on a customer’s phone, chances are they will purchase from your competitor.

5. Social Media

Make your site sharable! Your web design should include follow and share buttons for sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, as this allows people to advertise for you for free.

Also, create social media pages for your brand. Post relative and useful info regularly and use a consistent voice.

Web Development Boosts Business

Do not overlook the importance of your website design and development. A great design will make you money.

We want to help you keep up with this ever changing worldwide web so your business stays profitable. Check out more digital marketing advice right here on our website.

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