Multi-currency has previously been a bit tricky for Shopify Plus merchants, achievable but complex. However, there has been an announcement at Unite 2018 that will make instant internationalisation achievable for brands using the Shopify Plus platform.

For those using the Shopify Plus platform, Shopify Payments will soon allow customers to check out in their local currency, which will increase international conversions and truly allow Shopify Plus merchants to sell globally by supporting 9 key currencies around the world.

Shopify Plus merchants will be able to manage all currencies in a single place using Shopify Payments, which will allow brands to quickly take advantage of market fluctuations and capitalise on any opportunities in a matter of minutes.

Using geolocation detection, Shopify Payments will automatically detect a customers IP and offer local prices, with the exchange rate already calculated based on real-time FX data.

Shopify Payments multi-currency solution will be launched this Autumn for brands using the Shopify Plus platform and will support:

Great British Pound (GBP)Euro (EUR)United States Dollar (USD)Canadian Dollar (CAD)Australian Dollar (AUD)Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)New Zealand Dollar (NZD)Japan Yen (JPY)Singapore Dollar (SGD)

There is also talk of a multi-language solution in the pipeline, so customers can interact with your store in their native tongue. The first languages to be trialled (with a select group of merchants) will be German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Italian, with the promise of more languages to be added in the future.

We’ll be adding to this announcement as soon as we have more information, and you can read the official Shopify Plus statement here. 

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