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Free Online Advertising in Canada for Small Business Owners, Sellers, Digital Marketers, and Entrepreneurs in 2023

Top Online Advertising Means for Canada based Business Owners: Digital Marketing for Beginners

[ This Article is for beginners. You can browse more for Digital Marketing Tips for Beginners]


Canadian Online Advertising: Introduction:


Online advertising is quite efficient, reliable, and result provider in this digital age. If you own a business and want to get maximum out of it then you can’t afford to ignore making use of digital marketing! You can easily notice that any small business to be successful it takes the advantages of digital advertising. You will have to make good use of online advertising, and it rarely matters what kind of business you run, Because, every business have to make use of some kind of digital advertising. Though, the kind and type of advertising would be different for different businesses.

Don’t believe what i say, just look around, research a bit, analyse, and then see the role and importance of advertising for any business. I have come to the experience that the advertising is to the business, what soul is to the body!

I can’t stress enough on the importance of online advertising for your business success. having said that, i will mention below most of the means and types of online advertising, give you references in the form of links, so that you can make a choice of what suits best for your business and then you can start using that later on.


Free Online Advertising in Canada for Businesses #1: Post advertisements for Free on Canadian Local Classifieds


Ad posting is an integral part of advertising online and its very cheaper compared to other forms of advertisements.

Get this list of Canadian Classifieds. Here, most of the websites are for local advertising, and are beneficial for Geo targeting based on the location of your business. They offer ad posting options for business, services, and product sellers.


  1. Use these Local Marketing Sites to Post Free Ads for Business Advertising in Local Places-

    Seeking online advertising options for Canada? Find a listing of top options for Canadian local marketplaces for the following places: Alberta, Edmonton, British Columbia, Victoria, Canada, Ottawa, National Manitoba, Winnipeg, New Brunswick, Fredericton, Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John’s, Northwest Territories, Yellowknife Territorial, Nova Scotia, Halifax, Nunavut, Iqaluit, Territorial, Ontario, Toronto, Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Quebec, Quebec City, Saskatchewan, Regina, Yukon, Whitehorse.

    Canada Classified sites list to post ads free. Online advertising webs list for free business and products ad posting. Visit the following link for country based Classifieds Sites List @Ads2020.marketing 

    Top 100 best Canadian advertising websites. Post ads freely on these directories. All the webs are popular and successful online places for local advertising in Canada. Visit here to Find list of Advertising Sites for Businesses in Canada.

Post free ads in Canada over 100 Free online advertising Sites


  1. Local Advertising Options in Canada
  2. mycity.sulekha.com/postad
  3. locanto.ca/
  4. yourclassifieds.ca/
  5. adpost.com/ca/
  6. yellowcrowd.ca/
  7. bizcaf.ca/
  8. localmartca.com/
  9. adoos.ca/
  10. listall.ca/
  11. sortopia.com/
  12. expatads.com/18-Canada/
  13. olx Canada and other ad sites
  14. myadmonster.com/
  15. advertising in Canada
  16. canada.global-free-classified-ads.com/
  17. adsolist.com/canadian-free-classified-list/
  18. dciads.ca/
  19. Ads for Canada at adsnity.com
  20. rentcompass.com/free-rental-ads
  21. miniads.ca/
  22. postad.ca/
  23. cdncc.com/
  24. leafs.net/
  25. postingking.com/
  26. nortad.com/
  27. allstarjobs.ca/
  28. Online Job posting classifieds
  29. realestate.ivarta.com/
  30. Leading Classified sites in Canada
  31. ebayclassifieds.com/
  32. backpage.com/
  33. carsgone.com/
  34. canada.lebanezo.com/
  35. post.adeex.ca/
  36. bunchbay.ca/
  37. obitar.ca/
  38. eBay Classifieds Canada
  39. rent-index.com/
  40. showyourads.ca/
  41. canada.gumpul.com/
  42. classifiedsearth.com/
  43. Popular shopping sites in Canada
  44. bestjobsca.com/em-register.htm
  45. autotrader.ca/HowTos/SellingACar.aspx
  46. Top Online Buying selling sites
  47. post-ads-free.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-15-classifieds-website-in-canada.html
  48. mrrental.ca/
  49. myaddsposting.blogspot.com/2013/10/free-classifieds-canada-canadian.html
  50. postad.ph/
  51. classifieds webindia123.com
  52. classifiedextra.ca/
  53. canada.gumpul.com/
  54. classifiedsearth.com/
  55. rent-index.com/
  56. autotrader.ca/HowTos/SellingACar.aspx
  57. free4uclassifieds.com/
  58. 1000-ads-canada.com/
  59. fmclassifieds.com/canadahome.php
  60. adsglobe.com/canada
  61. findstuffhere.ca/findstuff/
  62. montreallisting.ca/post-free-classified-ad/
  63. buyselltrade.ca/
  64. website.informer.com/canada.clicads.com
  65. addieclassifieds.com/
  66. 25 Free Online Business Listings in Canada
  67. bestfarmbuys.com/
  68. keetro.ca/
  69. losangeles.craigslist.org/zip/
  70. classifieds.ca/
  71. 1000-ads-canada.com/
  72. Free Job advertising websites for employers
  73. freead1.net Online ad posting site for Canada
  74. postad.us/
  75. classifiedscalgary.ca/post-free-classified-ad/
  76. monsterauto.ca/place-an-ad.php
  77. adskingdom.ae.ma/
  78. education-training-lessons.freeadsincanada.com/
  79. postad.co.za/
  80. Best Job Posting Sites in canada for Employers
  81. Online Tuition Advertising Sites


Local advertising options for Canada. Find a latest and updates compilation of Canadian Classifieds and Advertising sites for online ad posting. Post free ads Online advertising websites for places in the Canadian regions. Best ad publishing websites latest updated list of  2023. Free advertising sites for small business owners



Banner advertising is a first choice for many startups and established small businesses, SMEs, and entrepreneurs simply because it offers targeted traffic and quick leads in a very fast manner. That’s why new businesses who want a quick start do make use of banner ads on various types of platforms.

Some common means of achieving banner advertising for your biz:


Search Engine based Advertising in Canada #3: get Results through Search Engine Paid Ads and Website Submission


As you may be already aware that search engines are a great source of advertising today. They show your business ads, and placement based promotions to the users who are searching for products and services that are similar to what your business offers. For that, you should first find here a list of 50 most popular search engines. Now, visit them and submit your business website url. Generally, top search engines don’t charge when your submit your business website. While some of the search engines have separate paid subscriptions.

If you are a beginner, then we recommend that you should visit here to know and find means of Search Engine Marketing for Beginners.


Some common Tips and Platforms for Search Engine Advertising for Small Business Marketing:



Social Networking based Advertising in Canada #4: Advertise your Business effectively through Social Media Marketing


Social Media Advertising in Canada-500x250
Social Media Advertising Options in Canada for Business Promotion

I don’t need to tell you how social media platforms have changed the success stories of millions of businesses across the world. Though, Social Media is more suitable for one kind of a business to the another. For this reason, some businesses spend a very big chunk of the marketing budget over social media platforms. In general, social media can give your business a quick exposure to the audience suitable for generating leads for your business.

For example, Facebook Ads are great for Geo targeting because it offers you option to select your audience based on many parameters, like Age, Male/Female, Spending Powers, Interests, social status, Educational background, Profession, etc. This creates and paints a whole new picture for lead generation.





There are Hundreds of Good advertising Networks, exchanges, Media Houses, Agencies, and Platforms which offer great solutions for online advertising for Canada based businesses. For example, there are many types of ad networks which offer great advertising services with paid subscription basis.

There are many pricing models and rates through which these ad networks operate through. Examples of some common types of paid advertising networks, include: PPC, CPA, CPM, PPA, PPV, Banner ads, In-text advertising, Contextual advertising, Display ads, Popup ads, email ads, etc.


Find below some important and prominent ad networks which provide great advertising services:


Digital Marketing Options for Canadian Small Business Owners


Online Advertising and Digital Marketing Ways in Canada for Small Business Owners, Sellers, Digital Marketers, and Entrepreneurs in 2023. Find some basic and the most fruitful ways of digital marketing for Canada based Business Owners and Beginners.


Well, as i stated in the beginning, this article about small biz marketing is for beginners who want to start making progress in this area for generating leads and sales for their business and services.

If you are not an expert and want to have a good sense of what to use for getting digital marketing success for your business, then read some important points as given below:



Take calculated steps and don’t invest too much initially on marketing. Just learn, see the results, and then go with the results. Here, one more important point is that don’t use and invest in a single mean of marketing. Like, some beginners only make use of search engine paid advertising ignoring the other ways. This is not a wise move!


Diversify your marketing budget into many methods, ways, and platforms. For example, you should list your business on major local directory sites for Canada (Free as well as premium), such as : “Google My Business”, Yelp Canada,  411.CA, Canada YellowPages, WebLocal, Canada411, ListingsCA, Hotfrog Canada, etc.


Never ignore digital marketing opportunities for your biz through various top social media networks. You can extend this further by creating paid ads for your service and products on the major social networking channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Find a full list of most prominent social media platforms for placing ads for marketing your business online. 


Apart from search engine and social media based marketing, you must take interest in blogging, content marketing, Local SEO, and Email marketing. 


If you are doing all this marketing projects by your own then you must learn a lot about it and then you can hire freelancers or small agencies as per your budget to extend your efforts further. For this you may try any or all of these freelancing platforms: Upwork.com, Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com, etc. To search for a good marketing agency in Canada, you should visit here.



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