Smart Social Media Hacks to Increase Your Online Sales This Season

Whether you have recently ventured into online business or have a long-standing e-commerce site, you’re probably looking for ways to boost your online sale. With an effective social media marketing strategy in place, you can improve your bottom line in no time.  Often it takes knowing the key smart social media hacks to increase your online sales.

In this increasingly online world, cultivating lead is impossible without reaching out onto Twitter and other social media, as well as more specialized platforms like message boards and forums. Promoting online will not only cost far less than advertising in offline media but also save a ton of your valuable time. 

While social channels are often fruitful for creating and retaining customers, there’s a fine line between promoting your business and spamming participants. Here are some awesome hacks you can use to increase sales online without being too pushy.

Be Consistent with Hashtag

We already know how powerful hashtags can be on twitter, but the same is true for other social media platforms as well. The trackable nature of content tagged with a hashtag makes it easy for you as well as your audience to participate in conversations.

Try using a variety of hashtags in your posts that include generic options like #holidaysale, along with specific hashtags that are unique to your campaign or event. Once you’ve found a suitable combination, stick to it and use the same across all of your social media platforms.

Offer Flash Sales

A flash sale is when a company sells its products at a heavy discount for a limited time. Several companies have utilized flash sales in a big way and witnessed their sales skyrocket. 

Flash sales create a sense of urgency among customers, which may result in a large number of orders for a few items. So when you hold a flash sale, be prepared to handle heavy traffic to your site.

Also, make sure not to run out of stock. Build your supply chain accordingly, and stay in constant contact with the customer, offering updates throughout the process. The last thing you want to do is disappoint customers who have already paid for the products that are no longer available.

Offer Coupons

People are always on a look for lower prices and bargains. Entice them into visiting your site again and again with exclusive coupon codes.

You could offer the following discount schemes to your loyal customers:

Percentage discounts: e.g., “save 20% when you spend $100”
Money off codes: e.g., “get $10 off on your next purchase”
In-store credit coupons: e.g., “spend $100 online and get $10 credit to spend in-store”

This will not only increase your follower’s count but also draw in more customers. 

Promote Free Shipping

During the holiday season, people purchase in bulk quantities online. Shipping costs when buying online can accumulate, especially if customers buy from different companies. Offering free shipping during peak seasons can be a great boon to your customers, as well as your sales.

You’ll be surprised to see the number of likes and followers you’ll garner from this promotion. You can create a coupon code that consumers can insert to their checkout page to receive free shipping. Remember to make your discount visually appealing so that they stand out in the crowded social feed.

Be Mobile Friendly

The majority of the people access social media from mobile devices than desktop devices. These users also tend to share social media content from mobile devices twice as much as from desktop or laptops. Given such a trend, it’s essential to target mobile users while advertising on social media. 

Try to make your content shorter in length, which can be easily viewed in mobile devices. Keep in mind the peak mobile usage time while posting. This could be when people are commuting to and from work. Implement device targeting with Facebook and Instagram, and do not forget to use mobile posts format.

When it comes to advertising, nothing can match the impact of video content as a hack to increase your online sales. Besides being engaging, videos are the most shareable content that can increase your exposure by leaps and bound. 

Try out an Instagram video editor to create and upload awesome videos on IGTV and build a more personal connection with your followers. You can also refer to Instagram ads tutorial to create amazing Instagram ads quickly and easily. 

Generate Leads Through Giveaways

People are more inclined to buy something if they’re given an incentive. And there can be no better incentive than to offer the chance to win a great gift or a percentage off of a service. This way, people won’t mind signing themselves up to hear more about your business.

Not only do giveaway campaigns generate leads and recognition for your brand, but they also increase your social platform followings. Way Easy Gifts have brilliantly used this strategy with their “12 Days of Giveaways” promotion. Every person who enters their promotion must also like their Facebook page to check out the gifts.

Bite-Sized Video Clips

Video Marketing has become a must for modern businesses. Considering that video content gets exponentially more shares than text, brands should give some serious thought about incorporating videos in their social media content. 

Unfortunately, many view the investment in video as being too complicated. That’s why bite-sized video clips are still relevant for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Such clips require minimal time to shoot and edit and are prime for sharing. These types of smart social media hacks to increase online sales are a must for the savvy marketer today.

You don’t require to shoot a full-blown commercial to keep your followers entertained, especially if you’re new in the business. Short, creative clips will work perfectly for you. You can take the help of a free ad maker available online to create stunning video ads in minutes.

Poll Your Audience

If social media has taught us anything, it’s that people love to share their opinions. Polls don’t always have to be a formal affair, nor do they need to be sales-related. Social media is all about generating conversation, so don’t shy away from asking informal questions.

Twitter polls are great for informally polling your followers and getting to know them better. Be willing to listen and take note of the invaluable feedbacks given on such polls.

Smart Social Media Hacks to Increase your Online Sales

While each of the above smart social media hacks to increase your online sales may take some time initially to come to fruition, you’ll witness a lasting boost to your online sales once they’re set up. So don’t forget to incorporate them into your next social media marketing strategy!

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