Social media platforms have been busy! There are lots of great new social media updates with Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Facebook. Let’s dive in to see some of the top new updates and why they are important for your business.

Facebook Live Video Clipping

Facebook released a new feature for Live video editing called ‘Video Clipping.’ It allows you to create specific excerpts from a Live video and save the shorter clip as an individual file. These new clips are then automatically added to your content library in your Creator Studio to use.

Why It Matters

The benefit of this new Video Clipping tool is that you can repurpose your content with the short clips. You can use these videos to create new posts and also use them in ads! Check out this demo from Mari Smith to learn more about this new tool!

IGTV Notifications and Series

Do you use IGTV? If not, IGTV is a great tool to use for long videos on Instagram and now users can turn on notifications for their favorite creators to get notified when a new video is uploaded to their IGTV account. In addition to notifications, Creators can also create video series. 

Why It Matters

These two new features are being released with the goal of boosting the exposure of IGTV content. By creating a series, creators can brand their content better and videos in that series will automatically play after one is completed. With Instagram also adding notifications to these series, followers will be able to know right away when a new IGTV video is uploaded.

Instagram Stories Create Mode

Instagram Stories has a new Create Mode. This mode allows you to post content to your story without needing an image or video. Now with this new feature, you can choose a colorful background, stickers, text, and more to create a story to post.

Why It Matters

Maybe you’re a business and you don’t always have a photo or video to use to create a story. With Instagram’s new Creator mode, you can create all types of new content for your Story that your audience will love. 


What to know more? Check out this step by step guide.

Pinterest Academy

Pinterest has released a new educational platform that provides free courses called Pinterest Academy. The free courses offered are directed for marketers and those interested in learning more about improving your branding, creative strategy, ad-buying, and more.

Why It Matters

It’s hard to know where to start sometime when creating a presence for your business on Pinterest. Now with the new Pinterest Academy, the experts on the platform are providing free educational courses to help you learn how to use Pinterest for your business. 


You can create a free account now and start learning at your own pace.


Want more information? Check out the full announcement here.

YouTube AR

Youtube is getting into a new section of AR with YouTube AR Beauty. It lets you try-on make-up products using AR technologies. When you tap on the yellow ads on IOS and Android, you will have a split view on your screen in the mobile app where it lets you try-on the makeup.

Why It Matters

Lots of companies in the beauty industry are taking advantage of this on other platforms and it will be just as important on YouTube. This feature allows your customers to try-on make-up products and then they are more likely to make a purchase right then from the YouTube ad. This saves your customers time and hopefully saves you, customer returns.


That’s a wrap for October on the latest in social media updates!

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