Wouldn’t it be great to find that awesome little pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? For most entrepreneurs and internet marketers, that pot of gold is known as ‘Passive Income’.  A type of income where you can put the work in once – and then have minimal maintenance to keep getting paid… yeah?

The reality is that you can’t just NOT work and earn huge income.  No matter what anyone tells you.

Maybe you’ve heard this before;

“Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”?

This is what lies at the heart of membership websites – and it’s what I have personally found a ton of success with – and something I am and ALWAYS will be massively passionate about.

Running a subscription based website allows you to express yourself creatively, in whatever topic it is that you love, and earn from it. Getting paid for what you know and what you love is a very coveted position to be in.

That’s living the dream.

And it’s easier and WAY more achievable than the ‘gurus’ would have you believe.

By the way… if you missed our last article “Internet Income: Membership Websites 101”, and want some more basic info about membership websties, you can access it here:



membership websites


#1 Membership Website Myth:  You need to have masses ongoing content in order to have people pay month after month

I have been working online for over 8 years now, and besides that making me old-er (oh shush!!!) it also makes me a bit experienced (thank goodness!!!)

I’ve heard a few reasons as to why people aren’t diving into having membership sites.  The biggest worry is that many people believe you need to have a lot of cutting edge, recurring content.

Sounds like SO much work, yeah?  I mean… yes – we aren’t crazy, we know that you can’t just click a button and get rich the next day – you have to work at anything that is worth anything.

But there are slow, painfully laborious ways to do things though – and there are easier ways.

Fortunately we are living in a time when you don’t need to know everything, be a super hero in every field, or be on call or miss out on ‘LIFE’…

membership websites

Stress Free Recurring Ideas

 A few weeks ago, I made a video for some content creation ideas.  If you missed it and want to check it out – it’s over here:
With membership sites you can do some really clever things, like.. work your tail off for a week (or weekend even), and put together lots of bits … and then drip feed the content.
You can make it look like you are delivering great content for months and months… when in reality, you just had a crazy weekend of cramming.
The video above can give you a few ideas for content if you are stuck for ideas.  It wasn’t created with membership sites in mind, but anything that gives value and is targeted to the content that they would like to learn from you (related to the niche you have chosen) will work awesomely!
 membership websites

What People DON’T Tell You About Membership Sites & Recurring Content

I know there is always a big push to use it as a hands free recurring income source, but if you don’t want to do that… and just don’t have any ideas or time to put together extra content then don’t let that stop you from using membership sites to your benefit.

Here are a few reasons why ANYTHING you do – a pdf download, a training video, some kind of … well… anything really, SHOULD be delivered via membership platform.

  • Protect Your Content. You work too darn hard to just have some loser come in and steal your content… and this can happen when they just download it and refund or pass it on to a friend (who should have bought it), or lots of other ways.  It’s important that you find a good membership software (Fresh Member for example) that will allow you to have more control.  Automatically lock people out if they refund, or if they are supposed to keep paying but don’t, then guard your hard earned efforts.
  • Build Community/Trust. When people buy a product it’s a lot different than being a member.  They don’t just get a download … they become part of a community.  One way to do this is to have a forum, but it’s not always necessary… the one thing I DO know, is that customers are more likely to be repeat customers if they feel loyalty and connected – and are more likely to buy again and again from you if you give them reason to.
  • Build Your Brand. By delivering anything you create in a membership platform, you get the benefits of being able to push them between your various offers.  Even if you only have one product so far… or plans for a product, it’s important to set things up right – so that when you are at the next stage, you can be ready to push them towards your new product release more effectively.
  • Reliable Income. If you are charging a monthly fee, then cool – but even if you aren’t, you can still benefit from reliable income using your mailing list, promoting login offers to them or various upsell products etc.  In an average membership website there are around 14 different places you can put advertising… without being pushy, or annoying to your customer.
  • Integration Points.  As I mentioned, with a membership site you have a LOT of extra ‘online real estate’ you can use to add bonus offers, giveaways, ad swaps, extra promotional material … the list goes on.  One of the best things you can do to build your business for long term growth, is to partner with like minded people and do banner swaps, or autoresponder swaps… or any kind of swaps.   Hands free, evergreen (on going) traffic is one of the best time investments you can do for the growth of your online income.

membership websites

Need More Reasons To Dive In?

If you haven’t noticed by now, I get a little passionate about membership websites (i know right?  Am I REALLY that transparent!).

So – something that has stirred up my passion again is the fact that Mark Thompson and Deep Arora have just released, what I think, is the best thing to hit membership marketing in a LONG time.

Kory and I got to test it over the last couple of weeks and put together a proper review for you if you would like to see it in action, as well as a great bundle of bonuses to help you get moving into creating some great membership websites faster, easier and better.

Have a look at the review and bonus offer here:

(PLEASE NOTE: The bonuses are only available for a limited time, so make sure you grab it while it’s still there)

If you’ve heard enough and just want to dive in and grab the software, you can go here to grab it: =>  Fresh Member Access

If you buy it from that link you will still get the extra bonuses we have put together… you just won’t know what they are til you get to your JVZoo downloads area… hehe – kinda like a lucky dip/surprise!


I hope you’ve found this information  helpful and it’s given you some things to think about – and that you can see how exciting membership websites can be and I can’t wait to hear some of your success stories!