Despite its cost effectiveness and superior return on investment (ROI), many of us still struggle to unlock the benefits of email marketing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know exactly what the very best email marketers are doing, unearth their secrets… and steal ‘em?

That’s exactly what this post contains. Here are 20 of the best email marketers to follow right now (along with a standout share linking to one of their best resources or recommendations). Just don’t tell them I sent you.

Chad S. White isn’t just an email marketing consultant, author and researcher—he’s the thought leader you’ve been looking for. With his bestselling book, “Email Marketing Rules,” he has become an indispensable resource for marketing professionals seeking to elevate their email campaigns. 

Chad’s treasure trove of over 4,000 articles and posts on email and digital marketing are brimming with invaluable insights that will keep you ahead of the curve. Don’t miss out on the latest trends and best practices – follow Chad and let him guide you to email marketing success.

2. Ramit Sethi: @ramit

Everyone’s favorite finance guru, Ramit Sethi is the bestselling author and CEO of I Will Teach You to be Rich, a multi-million-dollar online business. His uncanny ability to connect with his audience via an uber-conversational tone has won him a community of raving fans.

Ramit is obsessed with all things growth hacking, email marketing, and personal development. From sharing pertinent productivity tips to celebrating the success stories of his Zero to Launch course graduates, this natural networker knows how to entertain and empower his online followers.

Noah Kagan has two primary passions: being an entrepreneur and eating tacos.

The man behind OkDork and the Chief Sumo at AppSumo, Noah has a knack for email lead generation, self-exploration, and growth hacking. His commitment to research, sense of humor, and appealing honesty combine to position him as the perfect mentor to guide those entrepreneurs who want to “kick more ass.”

When it comes to email marketing, Russell Dawson has the skills, experience, and agility to grow your business. As a prominent member of the DMA’s Email Marketing Council and Research Hub, Russell is constantly immersed in the latest industry developments, ensuring that his email marketing strategies are always on the cutting edge. 

Focused on growth, retention, and revenue, Russell’s proven track record speaks for itself. Connect with Russell and discover how his expertise can revolutionize your email marketing game.

Ross Simmonds is the enterprising founder of Foundation Inc. (a content consulting service), Hustle & Grind (an ecommerce store), and Crate (a social media curation platform).

Ross has one simple goal: to inspire his audience to steer their own destiny. He creates guides and products that bring your dreams to life. Ross’s uber-popular newsletter is read by more than 3,000 subscribers. He’s also the author of Stand Out: The Content Guide for Entrepreneurs, a manifesto for creating compelling content marketing campaigns.

Tommy gathers and creates some of the most trustworthy and proven techniques from the worlds of conversion-rate optimization, search engine optimization, multi-channel marketing, branding, segmentation, A/B Testing, ecommerce and blogging.

Chase Dimond has a remarkable email marketing record, having sent over 1 billion emails that generated more than $100 million in revenue. As the founder of Structured, a premier ecommerce email marketing agency, Chase has a wealth of experience working with top-tier clients like Poo~Pourri, Eight Sleep, and Health-Ade. 

His expertise doesn’t stop there though — Chase is also a sought-after online marketing consultant, advisor, and investor in fast-growing SaaS companies. If you are after the latest trends in email marketing, subscribe to his newsletter.

Peep Laja is a firm believer in evidence based marketing. He has a flair for skyrocketing the conversion rate and revenue using a combination of data analysis and customer research. His Twitter feed is an ode to the best of the best in internet marketing.

If you haven’t signed up for his landing page course, stop reading this and go do it right now. From deeply researched articles to no-bulls*** truths about digital marketing, Peep’s carefully vetted shares promise to drive continuous and cost-effective business growth for his audience.

I dare you to not open an email from word alchemist Joanna Wiebe, co-founder of the go-to “conversion copywriting” site Copyhackers and creator of the 10X Emails course.

Within inboxes full of stale, scuzzy, or spammy emails, Joanna’s messages stand out with their imaginative play on words, addictive personality, and masterful understanding of psychological triggers. Joanna’s social channels throb with similar artistic vision. The “Copy Pop” visuals that she shares on Twitter, in particular, will rouse you to put your best copy forward.

Sujan Patel started selling at the age of seven. A dynamic and data-driven growth marketer, Sujan is the -founder of Mailshake. He’s also a prolific writer with bylines in prestigious publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Inc, and an eBook — 100 Days of Growth – that has sold over 30,000 copies.

Scroll down Sujan’s social shares to find a ton of material about growth hacking, content marketing, website optimization, and ecommerce. Although he doesn’t identify himself as an email marketer, he is. In fact, he even tricked Unbounce’s Oli Gardner into writing back to an autoresponder.

Need help growing your audience and boosting sales through email marketing? Look no further than Sarah Stiffin, a freelance email marketing strategist dedicated to helping small to medium-sized businesses achieve their goals. 

Offering a wide range of services, including copywriting, account setup, strategy, marketing automation and segmentation, Sarah tailors her approach to meet the unique needs of each client. Besides posting regularly on Twitter, she also writes articles on her blog.

12. Hiten Shah: @hnshah

Hiten has founded two of the most reputable SaaS companies: Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics. His weekly email newsletter titled Saas Weekly is a frequently cited source for anyone with a passion for the industry.

Hiten’s social shares reveal his love for startups, branding, social media, fundraising, pitching, network and search engine optimization. His retweeted inspirational quotes about self-growth and business management will supply you with the strength to create a life of your choice surrounded by people you admire.

Connie Cen, founder of Rocketeer Media, specializes in helping e-commerce brands increase revenue through cutting-edge email and SMS marketing strategies. Her innovative approach to high-converting email designs and engaging SMS campaigns has consistently produced impressive results for her clients. 

Connie’s comprehensive range of services includes marketing strategy, optimization, design, automation, and copywriting, making her the perfect partner to elevate your email marketing efforts.

With over a decade of experience in email marketing, Sally Lazarus has mastered the art of simplifying the tech needed to grow an online income. By combining email marketing with affiliate marketing, Sally has discovered the formula for financial freedom, empowering her clients to replace their salary and gain the freedom to live life on their own terms.

Sally’s comprehensive guide to the best email list tools has helped countless individuals build their email lists with ease, even if technology isn’t their strong suit. She is dedicated to helping non-techies find user-friendly marketing tools and solve technical headaches.

Ian Brodie is the author of Email Persuasion and – despite not being a “natural salesperson” – he has seen tremendous success in the last two decades through committed learning, hands-on experience, and an unwavering focus on forging trustworthy partnerships. He’s especially passionate about helping small firms and solopreneurs – aka the underdogs – understand the psychology of consumer persuasion.

Ian shares the most up-to-date information on email marketing, link building, client generation, guest blogging, and content marketing. Jump into this information-rich rabbit hole of one of the foremost experts in email marketing.

As the co-founder of agencyJR, Reinis Krumins has been responsible for over $30 million in email sales. His expertise lies in working with ecommerce and SaaS businesses, sharing insights on email marketing, performance marketing, and the occasional humorous take.

Reinis and his team at agencyJR help 7 and 8 figure brands create sexy emails that convert, delivering an average increase of $127,000 in monthly email sales.

As the co-founder of Women in Email – “a professional organization with the goal of promoting leadership” – Kristin Bond’s social presence is equal parts sparkle, sass, and strategy. She’s also the Senior Email Marketing Manager of Girl Scouts of the USA.

Kristin’s timeline is sprinkled with real-world examples of good and bad email marketing. She blows kisses at ingenious email marketing practices with just as much enthusiasm as she hurls invectives at shoddy campaigns.

18. Jeanne Jennings: @jeajen

For more than 15 years, Jeanne Jennings has eaten, slept and breathed email marketing. Her unique approach of using direct-response marketing techniques to enhance the effectiveness of email campaigns sets her apart. In addition, she’s on the board of directors of the Email Experience Council and is a regular contributor at multiple sites.

Jeanne’s dedication has been amply rewarded with notable mentions in multiple “Top Email Marketing Influencers” lists, including those of World Data, and Litmus. Newbies and experts will benefit from Jeanne’s progressive tips on improving email marketing metrics.

Who better to demonstrate the rationale behind viral email newsletters than Dan Oshinsky, the founder of Inbox Collective?

Dan understood the power of email when, as an aspiring journalist in middle school, his random email request for Washington National hockey tickets was fulfilled. Today, he leverages his developed skills by “aggressively promoting newsletters at the bottom of most posts.”

Dan is a risk taker with a zest for learning. His Twitter feed emulates the versatility of Buzzfeed by covering a gamut of topics, from sports to social media.

20. Jay Schwedelson: @worldata

Jay Schwedelson, a visionary entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant, has transformed the email marketing industry with his innovative ventures. As the founder of SubjectLine.com and GuruEvents.com, Jay has provided marketers with unparalleled tools, resources, and events to elevate their strategies and achieve success.

Under Jay’s leadership, Outcome Media, a division of the Worldata Group, offers a comprehensive range of marketing solutions designed to deliver the best possible outcomes for their clients.

Did I miss anyone?

Can you think of any other must-follow email marketing geniuses? Drop your recommendations in the comments.


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