The Essential Guide To A Terrific Trade Show Experience

If you are keen to exploit your brand to as many potential new customers as possible, then a trade show could be useful to your marketing strategy. New businesses struggle to find their feet meaning that only one in five survives their first three years of trading. With already well-established industry competition it can be difficult to keep up with your rivals. You need to consider how a trade show experience can exploit your brand to the max. You need to consider your goals. Do you want to increase your following on Facebook? Do you want to generate a comprehensive email subscription list? Or do you simply want some cold hard sales? Each goal requires a different strategy. However, every one of these goals can be impacted positively by a supreme trade show experience.


If you attend a trade show, make sure that your pitch really maximizes the exposure of your brand. This means plastering the walls and overhead banner with your contact details, logo, and social media contact details. If you have the budget, think about setting up a vertical flag next to your stand. These high flying flags can be seen from across the other side of an arena or exhibition hall. This is free advertising and can draw in the crowds. 

If you want to maximize the free marketing, put out some freebie bags. Everyone loves a good freebie, and while they are gimmicky, attendees to trade shows are keen to pick up a bag full of branded merchandise from every stall. Make sure that you go for the branded pencil toppers and the branded coasters. Ensure that your bag is branded and that gets your business name further across the hall.


The humble trade show could be small and regional, but cheap to attend. Or it could be large, global, and cost a fortune to set up at. Go for the smaller ones in the first instance and hone your trade show skills that you can then take to a larger trade fair. Ensure that you try and draw in the crowds. Trade shows will have readymade footfall, full of potential new customers looking to do business with a startup in your niche. Make it clear at your pitch exactly what it is you do. If you have a product range, make sure that you have brought them to your stand. Show them in action and allow your potential new customers to come up and touch them or have a go. This interactivity will be sure to draw in the crowds.

If you are in the creative industries, think about roping in your best pal and putting them in a costume. An advertising mascot can leave the stall and be a mobile marketer drawing the crowds to your pitch. Think about looking at the sorts of NBA mascots that jump around every weekend and use these for inspiration. If you’re an artist, how about a giant walking talking pencil. If you’re an online accountant, why not send your pal off in a colorful calculator costume?

The Essential Guide To A Terrific Trade Show Experience

Suited And Booted

It’s crucial that you look the part at any trade show. If you work in the corporate world and you’re looking to secure rich and wealthy clients, simple jeans and a tee short combo won’t do. Have a haircut, get yourself suited and booted, and take pride in your appearance. Attending a trade fair is a stressful experience and it is also tiring. You cannot go it alone, otherwise, you may be stood at your stall for twelve hours with little chance of a toilet or rest break. You need to have a rota between three so you have time to look at your peers, network, and have some chill time.

If you see a crowd forming at your pitch, others will follow. Try and hook them by having a Powerpoint playing on a laptop detailing what you are about while you talk to others. When you chat with potential customers, enthuse them with your ideas. Chat informally with a smile and allow them to ask questions. Make sure you know your stuff. You never know when a potential investor might turn up to talk finances.

Heading to a trade show can be exhilarating and highly profitable for your business. With discounts for on the day sales and by generating a larger following online alongside an email list, you can exploit your brand to the max and ensure that your trade show experience goes from strength to strength.

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