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Most marketers already use social media and SEO to advance their digital marketing goals – which is excellent news. The two platforms provide access to a massive audience and allow you to reach every corner of the globe. Social media and SEO are also both extremely low-cost marketing platforms with a high potential ROI.  Now, imagine if you could combine the two strategies. Think about how many more people you could reach and sales you could close. Well, guess what? Some marketers are doing just that – using SEO within social media networks to fast-track their marketing goals. If you are looking to generate more traffic, it’s time you did the same. Here are a few ways your business can utilize SEO on social media;

SEO for Facebook

Facebook is one of the easiest platforms to use SEO to drive traffic and leads as search engines already index the platform. Additionally, Facebook gives marketers control over several SEO elements, including metadata and snippets. Here’s what you can do;

Pick the right page name: Your business page name must be simple and easy to recall. Most importantly, it must contain your brand name and keywords.
Don’t forget the meta description: The copy you write in the About section of your Facebook page is your meta description. Your status updates are also important.
Local SEO can be the difference-maker: If you have a physical address, don’t forget to mention the location, full address, opening hours, and contact information.

SEO for Instagram

Instagram currently boasts over a billion users and is one of the most active social media networks. If you can get things right on the platform, you’ll see significant traffic, leads, and sales. The following are a few SEO tips to consider;

Optimize your name and handle: Your name and handle (Instagram URL) are the elements likely to be indexed by search engines. Make sure the two are easily searchable on Google. Using your brand name in both cases helps.
Litter your bio with keywords: Your Instagram bio is also indexed, with all the hashtags used in there searchable. So, keep the bio short and make sure to include a few keywords and relevant (ideally branded) hashtags.
Get the most out of your IG link: Every Instagram user gets one outbound URL link. Make sure this link points to your landing page and is visible on your profile. Also, actively ask your fans to click on it.

SEO for Twitter

You’ve likely seen a few Twitter hashtags appearing in Google searches. People interested in the tweets can click to visit the brand/advertiser’s website and even make purchases. The following are a few ways to get your Twitter handle, hashtags, emojis, etc. to appear on Google too;

Optimize your handle, name, and bio: Although search engines don’t crawl much of Twitter, your user handle (URL), name, and bio are crawled by all the major engines. Make sure these three elements are easily identifiable with your brand name.
Understand hashtag rules: First off, you should never use more than two hashtags per Twitter post. Secondly, Twitter is all about trending topics. If you want to be seen, hop onto relevant, trending topics.
Use rich media posts: Although Twitter is overwhelmingly text-based, image-based posts can perform exceptionally well on the platform. Therefore, if you’re aiming to have your posts highlighted on Google, it would be wise to add images and videos.

Ready to Get Started?

As you can see, these are tips you can easily implement to utilize SEO on social media. If you’re serious about generating more traffic and leads off your social media pages, start these changes today.

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