Our team is moving from The Tannery to Oak st.! What’s our address? Don’t worry, just drive down the street and you will be able to spot our green branded house. 


Our team at Vidyard is happy to announce that we are moving out of the Velocity Garage and into our own space! We loved the area of Victoria and Charles so much, that we decided to buy a house – right across the street – and turn it into our new office.

What does this move mean for Vidyard? We have our own space where we can pull all-nighters creating amazing new features for our super star customers!

Vidyard has come a long way since we moved into the Velocity Garage. We’ve added 5 new members to our team (and 2 terms of coops), and added a ton of new features and additions to our platform.

Since our time in the Garage, we have:

Made your videos safer with a secure video platform

Implemented A/B Split Testing for your videos! 

Launched a Chrome Web App Store!

Developed Video time scheduling

Created a Partnership with Eloqua and open sourced the Ruby Eloqua Wrapper

Updated Brand Watermarking so you can brand your videos

This move wouldn’t be complete without a housewarming party! On Friday, September 28th we are inviting all our valued customers, partners and friends to see our new office. There is rumoured to be a Graffiti Artist, Photo Booth and of course, a Bouncy Castle.

Our team will be rolling out some great new features in the coming months, so make sure you keep up to date with us via Twitter and Facebook. 



Steph is the Marketing Manager here at Vidyard. She looks after Vidyard’s Marketing strategies, with a particular love for writing. Looking for a blog on a particular topic? She’s the one you want to reach out to! 

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