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Office jobs account for 16% of the total US workforce.

While these jobs provide millions of people with a steady income and great benefits, sitting at a desk all day, five or more days per week can instill some sedentary habits, leading to weight gain.

Want to keep the scale at bay? Then check out these tips to create the office workout that’s sure to keep you healthy.

1. Request a Standing Desk

Now, there’s a bit of good news and bad news when it comes to standing desks.

The bad news is that they don’t burn as many calories as you might think. One study shows that most people burn about 80 calories per hour while sitting, compared to 88 while standing.

The good news is that over time, these extra calories add up. Let’s say you’re working eight hours per day. That’s 64 extra calories per day or 320 calories per week.

For reference, the same study noted that an hour of walking burns about 210 calories, effectively granting you an extra 90 minutes of exercise.

2. Replace Your Chair with a Standing Stool

Your desk isn’t the only problem. You’ll want to replace your chair, too.

Office chairs can ruin your posture, adding to pre-existing back pain and even curving the spine.

But before you go buy an exercise ball, you should note that an exercise ball chair isn’t a great choice, either. Exercise balls offer little in the way of support, can lead to injury, and most people don’t have the core strength needed to sit on one all day.

Instead, consider a standing stool that provides the comfort of sitting while strengthening your legs.

3. Stretch Every Hour

Muscular atrophy is yet another major factor linking office jobs and higher waistlines. In essence, the less you use certain muscles, the more they break down.

To stay spry (and seriously improve your flexibility) try a few simple stretches at the top of each hour.

Here are a few you can do without taking up much space:

Leg liftsSide bendsToe touchesCalf stretches

If nothing else, you’ll get to look forward to a nice break each hour.

4. Take the Stairs

The last thing you want to do first thing in the morning or at the end of your hectic workday is run up and down one or more flights of steps. It’s more convenient to take the elevator, right?

While we can’t disagree, you should know that taking the stairs uses more energy than walking or even lifting weights.

It’s a small step (no pun intended), but one that can result in better cardiovascular health.

5. Squat Goals

Whether you’re looking to get a better butt or you just need to get your blood pumping, squats are an awesome and quick workout that you can do anywhere, any time.

Give yourself a daily goal, then split it up across the day to avoid feeling sore. While you won’t want to do 10 squats each hour, for instance, 10 every other hour can bring great results without much soreness.

Get Fit, Get Paid: The Office Workout Tips You Need to Know

In conjunction with a healthier diet and regular exercise along with the office workout tips above, you’ll start shedding the pounds in no time! So ditch the junk food and get fit while you work.

For more tips on maximizing your potential, be sure to check out our blog.


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