We are all aware that lead generation is one of the most important aspects in terms of online success. Not only must you be able to correctly identify your target audience, but you need to present your services in an appealing manner if you hope to create interest. This is why it is rather unfortunate that many online businesses still fall short of their ultimate goals due to incorrect and/or outdated techniques. To avoid similar pitfalls, take a look at five of the most common lead generation mistakes and how they can be averted.

The Top Lead Generation Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

1. Asking for Too Much Information

Privacy is an important issue in this day and age. Generating leads should therefore never appear as if you are asking for too many details. This will immediately raise user suspicion and as a result, a potential sale could be lost. Keep it short, relevant and to the point.

2. No Call to Action

Ironically enough, some businesses do not make it clear what they are hoping to achieve. If no call to action (CTA) is present, how can you ever expect a visitor to take further steps such as requesting information or downloading a brochure? There are several ways in which a call to action can be presented including:

Be sure to register for our online newsletter.
Contact a representative to learn about our latest offers.
Scan this QR code in order to receive an additional 10 per cent off of your next purchase.

A call to action makes it clear what actions you wish the visitor to take, so make sure that this statement is easily visible.

3. The Lack of a Dedicated Page

Another common (and somewhat understandable) lead generation mistake is not allocating a separate page for the lead generation form. The main benefit of a dedicated landing page is that it optimizes the conversion process. As there are no other distractions or extraneous information, the user is more likely to complete all of the associated fields. Furthermore, those who choose to navigate to a separate landing page are illustrating that they are actively interested in what you are offering. This is an excellent way to determine the most qualified (and lucrative) lead opportunities.

4. Overly Long Request Forms

No one enjoys scrolling through long forms of text; especially if they happen to be accessing a website through a mobile device. Long generation forms are boring and tedious. Specific fields are more likely to be missed the longer forms are. Recent studies show that an incredible 86 per cent of visitors will exit a lead generation page if the form is too long. Once again, brevity is key.

5. Failing to Take Analytics Into Account

There is a reason why e-commerce providers such as Shopify Plus place a great deal of importance upon analytics. The needs of the audience are likely to change from time to time. You may need to modify your demographics in accordance with modern market trends. Examine your analytics regularly to find any changes that need to be made. You could otherwise find that you are catering to a customer base that no longer exists.

Lead generation is not necessarily a complicated process. Still, developing and embracing the best strategies as early as possible will save you a great deal of time and energy in the long run. This is also why it might be a good idea to speak with a qualified e-commerce provider, as there are a number of solutions which will help to take any remaining guesswork out of the equation. Actionable leads result in healthy sales.

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