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Jason Cammisa of Hagerty obtained the unique initial test of the Lucid Air Sapphire. He pitted it against the present kings of speed, the Tesla Plaid. And just to demonstrate how nuts rapid these EVs are, he introduced together a $3.5 million 1479-hp Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport to depict the average everyday fuel run cars and trucks.

With a staggering quarter-mile efficiency of 9.1 seconds at 156 mph, the 1200+ horsepower 3-motor Air Sapphire conquer out the reigning champion, the triple-motor, 1020-hp Tesla Product S Plaid, which runs the 1/4-mile in 9.3 seconds at 152 mph. The automobiles are &#8220tied&#8221 at 2.1 seconds -60, nevertheless some trivia: the Lucid Air Sapphire receives to 60 mph .03 seconds ahead of the Tesla Product S Plaid.

Jason wasn&#8217t content with just that race, so he also brought alongside the speediest-accelerating fuel-run manufacturing automobile, the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. This is the 1479-hp (1500-PS) Chiron with shortened equipment ratios, grippy Michelin Cup 2R tires, a mounted rear wing, and body weight-reduction measures.

Even irrespective of these hyper-aggressive Michelins&#8217 distaste for cold tarmac, the Chiron ripped off a 2.3-next, 4-wheel-burnout launch from -to-60 mph, and then continued on to a 9.3-second, 156-mph quarter-mile effectiveness. That is a tenth a lot quicker to 60 mph than the &#8220typical&#8221 Chiron has managed, and a tenth quicker by the quarter, also. That&#8217s an interior-combustion generation-automobile 1/4-mile file for the Chiron Pur Activity — and I suspect that, in hotter conditions, this Pur Sport would be even more rapidly.

That&#8217s not the scenario with the 210-hp Ducati Panigale V4 SP2, one of the fastest superbikes in the entire world. It had no traction problems as MotoAmerica Supersport champion rider Josh Herrin cracked the throttle large open, dumped the dry clutch, and ripped off a stupefying 9.3-next, 157-mph run by means of the quarter-mile.

This conquer the last outing with the very same Panigale, when it handily dusted a 2023 C8 Corvette Z06. This time, Ducati softened the suspension and dropped the fork Josh sacrificed the clutch and held the wheelie at bay. It&#8217s secure to say this is the restrict for the SP2 — except that Ducati offers a manufacturing unit Akrapovic exhaust and tune that raise horsepower. But for the moment, it&#8217s apparent: among the output autos with four wheels, the Lucid Air Sapphire is now the acceleration king.


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