TikTok For Unlocking Sales-How You Can Use The Platform For Growth

For marketers, walking the road well-traveled is always tempting as there are less risk and better chances of being right. You may save time and even money, which often gets your campaign in a safe space. On the downside, less risk is associated only with mediocre success, which isn’t something to be happy about. Ultimately, all the hard work will probably yield nothing tangible because your brand doesn’t have a competitive advantage. The other alternative is to try something disruptive and get the winning edge because of being an early adopter, such as using TikTok for unlocking sales. 

This is exactly what you can do by embracing TikTok as your influencer marketing channel, rather than sticking to the conventional ones like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. A relatively new player in the social media landscape, this video app has surged in popularity within a very short time. It is one of the most downloaded apps today and has a huge user base as well. Considering the massive fan base, it surely deserves to be a part of the marketing mix of your brand. Let us explain how you can use TikTok for unlocking sales and growth.

Building communities 

Social media interactions are no longer about individuals, they are more about communities. Apart from connecting with others, users are interested in starting conversations with like-minded people, sharing ideas, and building community projects. As a platform, TikTok has a community at its heart. The content here is completely trend-driven and motivates people to respond creatively to the videos shared by the others. 

Compared to the hatred and toxicity that are taking over the other platforms, TikTok is all about kinship and positive interactions. With the focus on communities, brands collaborating with influencers here have a scope for widening their reach and boosting their sales to a significant extent. Additionally, there are good chances of retention too.  

Genuine, user-generated content

As consumers prefer real voices rather than brand promotions, user-generated content emerges as the marketing hero. However, even as brands invest in such content, fake news, and controversies that have ridden social media recently hamper these campaigns due to a lack of trust. Social media users think twice about content shared by genuine users, which becomes a huge downside for brands.

TikTok, however, is in a vantage position due to its newness and unique design. If your brand is able to search tiktok users who are authentic and influential enough, there’s no way the campaign wouldn’t deliver. You get to leverage authentic content that has high engagement value and brings the benefit of consumer advocacy. So you end up selling by engaging rather than being too promotional.

The power of instant trends

When it comes to using social media for branding, nothing matters more than staying on top of trends. It makes customers perceive you as a relevant brand and keeps them engaged as well. With TikTok marketing, you need not worry about spending time on creating polished content because the platform is based on raw videos produced and shared by the users on the spur. 

Anything right on trend will win, no matter how raw it appears. Users who are quick to make trending videos and post them are likely to achieve celebrity status faster than on any other platform. The additional benefit is that brands can save on efforts and time that they would otherwise need to invest in creating refined posts for other influencer channels.

Nano influencers

While influencer marketing will continue to be popular in the future, the influencers will not be the same. As incidents related to fake followers are becoming common, discerning social media users are more conscious about trust and authenticity. They wouldn’t follow an influencer just because they have a large following. As a result, celebrity influencers are on the wane and nano influencers are coming hand. 

These are smaller, niche experts who offer genuine and enjoyable content, rather than endorse brands and products. Essentially, nano influencers have small communities of followers who feel connected and trust them due to their authenticity. Greater trust in real people is another reason why TikTok has better sales and growth potential as compared to the other platforms. 

Being a relatively new platform, TikTok has a long way to go but the prospects look bright, probably because the influencers here are more authentic and relatable. If you are looking to keep your brand a step ahead of the competitors on social media, TikTok for unlocking sales is one avenue you should seriously add to your brand’s marketing mix right now.

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