Verizon announced that they will be closing down their email business and migrating users to AOL over the next few months. With such an impending deadline it is important for email marketers to take action and consider the following steps to keep valuable email subscribers.

Create a separate segment of all Verizon email addresses in your email automation platform. This will give insight into the size and ratio of this segment compared to your overall subscribers and helps you determine your strategy on acquiring their new email address.
In your email campaigns make sure to use direct language in the subject line, the pre-header and header banner requesting that users update their email address either in a preference center or for them to create a new account
If possible, make sure to link both the Verizon and new email address in your data-set to ensure that they are not treated as new when receiving future communication.
As part of your email campaign strategy, be sure to target those who have not yet opened the email. We recommend sending two follow up emails using the previously created banners, and altering the subject line to encourage subscribers to take action.
It is important to note that Verizon service users have been advised that they will keep their email domain if they switch over to AOL. If the user does not opt-in to the AOL service, then their email will be shut down and will subsequently bounce – if this happens then these should be removed from your dataset accordingly.

For more information check out Verizon’s website here. If you are a client and have additional questions, please contact your manager or email us directly.

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