Sales and marketing teams are more data-driven than ever—and that’s especially true of organizations using video. But there is are still many organizations who are struggling with video reporting and the ability to understand the clear value and impact video has on their organization. With so much video data available to marketing and sales, what should leaders be measuring and reporting on to prove the impact on pipeline, opportunities, revenue, and make the most informed decision when it comes to your video marketing strategy?Luckily Vidyard has been working on making it as easy as possible for organizations to report on the impact video has on various parts of your organization. With the Vidyard Salesforce Reporting Package, sales and marketing leaders are now able to easily understand the clear value and impact that video has on their business, including pipeline, opportunities, and revenue influenced by video.  The reports package consists of a set of pre-built reports and dashboards in Salesforce. These were developed based on best practices for measuring the success of teams using video to generate and engage leads throughout the buyer’s journey.

Use the reports package to understand:

Marketing reports

Top video by number of opportunities influencedTop videos by dollar amount of pipeline influencedTop videos by dollar amount of closed revenue influencedTop account by video views

Sales reports

Number of reps’ videos viewed by contacts and leadsNumber of reps’ videos viewedDollar amount of pipeline influenced by videoDollar amount closed with video by repAverage video retention rate by rep

Let’s take a look at what you’ll get with the Marketing package

It’s like the old saying goes—If a tree falls in the woods, and you aren’t able to measure the impact of it on your organization, did it actually generate ROI?With our new Salesforce Reporting Package now you can measure the impact of your marketing videos, and gain insight into what videos are influencing your pipeline, giving you the most complete video reporting package. This allows you to make the smartest video strategy decisions because you can now see which messages, video types, video content is having the biggest impact on your organization. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get with the Sales package

With the Sales package, you’ll understand how video is influencing your deals with pre-built Salesforce reports and dashboards. You’ll be able to see metrics like the number of videos sent by rep, and pipeline generated with video.This Allows you to easily gauge the impact video is having in your sales cycle and the difference it’s making for individual sales reps. You’ll be able to look at top performers and see what they are doing with video that can be shared with the rest of team.

Like we said at the beginning sales and marketing teams are more data-driven than ever—and that’s especially true of organizations using video. With these new reporting packages, you’ll be able to truly see how hard your video content is working, create a video strategy that truly aligns with your audience, and allow you to influence even more pipeline and deals. To learn more about how these new Salesforce Reporting Packages can level-up your video reporting for your marketing and sales teams, book a demo today!

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