Welcome to The Future of Videos?

Video has taken over the world of internet marketing, and that’s a fact.

Video marketing is one of the hottest and most trending niches within the I.M. space. As a direct result of this, there’s an absolute boatload of video marketing training and software products constantly being released in order to capitalize on this demand in the market.

As can be seen below, over half of the top selling products on JVZoo alone are video marketing related:

So the question that remains is:

What makes Video Robot so special? And how does it stand out from the crowded sea of competitors?

Stick around to find out…

My Goal with This Review

First off, my goal is to determine if Video Robot is something you should consider investing your time and money into. Being a software product that’s meant to be used on a daily basis, I’m more concerned with Video Robot being worthy of your TIME.

Don’t get me wrong, it sucks to lose money but you can always earn more money and learn from your mistakes. Time on the other hand, is not so forgiving…

I will also share with you if Video Robot brings anything unique to the table and if it outperforms its competition.

The Question of Support

Another point I want to bring to your attention is that of support.

You see, software products require maintenance and continuous support in order to be kept up-to-date. So one of the key deciding factors upon reviewing software products is finding out all that I can about its creators.

There’s several reasons why I do this. I’m mainly trying to gauge the likelihood of a product being supported for the long term – so I ask myself questions like:

  • Who created or represents this software product?
  • Are they known? What’s their reputation?
  • Do they have the budget for continued support past the product’s launch?
  • Do they even have a support/help desk team in place?

These are questions that immediately spring to mind when analyzing software products. Having gone through the process of creating several software products myself, I know that there’s quite a learning curve involved.

Next, let’s go over my overall impressions and what I thought of Video Robot.

Overall Impressions

Using my own review criteria…

Right away I can tell you that Video Robot has the right kind of push and support behind it. One of its creators alone, Todd Gross, is well-established and entrenched within the I.M. market.

That alone is a big sigh of relief.

On top of that, Video Robot has been in development for over a year! And it definitely shows as the creative team implemented customer feedback and suggestions to create a video tool like no other.

Video Robot truly is in a league of its own, let’s find out why…

What Makes Video Robot Different

What makes Video Robot different is its ease of use along with the 300+ plus templates that are built-in into the software.

You can create all sorts of videos including:

  • 3D Avatar videos
  • Kinetic Animation videos
  • Whiteboard videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Sales videos
  • Presentation videos
  • Live-Action videos
  • And a whole lot more!

Now don’t worry if you don’t know all the different types of videos you can create, they’re all explained inside the tutorials within the software itself.

What’s really great about these videos, is that they’re ready-made templates that you can immediately use.

What’s unique about these templates is that you can create your videos in ANY language across the hottest and most profitable in-demand niches.


You can literally create engaging videos without any prior knowledge, skills, creativity or experience. This alone puts Video Robot miles ahead of any other video marketing software in the market today as you don’t have to concern yourself with the creative process.

For those of you that like customisation and prefer to have complete control, you can also take advantage of Video Robot’s Custom Blank Canvas.

Video Robot combines the best of both worlds as you can combine the ready made templates within the software with your own images, logos and videos.

So let’s dive in to see how you can take advantage of what Video Robot actually has to offer.

What is Video Robot?

First and foremost, Video Robot is a very simple easy-to-use video creation tool.

As can be seen from the images below, Video Robot has a very clean user interface that guides you throughout the video creation process. Making it very simple and easy to create any type of video you want.

You can essentially create professional videos with:

  • No camera
  • No mic
  • No script

Video Robot basically eliminates the need for multiple video apps.

This is the biggest game changer in my opinion. How many of you can relate to using multiple apps when creating or recording your videos?

I for one, need to use at least 2-3 additional apps to get my videos done.

Let’s now go over why I think you should make Video Robot your ‘go-to’ video creation tool of choice when compared to the other options available in the market.

Standing Out from The Crowd…

Before I get a little bit more in depth, I just wanted to give you an overview of all the value that’s packed into Video Robot:

video robot bonus

No other video creation software tool comes even close to matching the value on offer here. Let me shift focus back on what I think is Video Robot’s biggest differentiating factor.

And that is its clever and original 6-step video creation process that can be seen below:

Video Robot is not the first video creation tool that comes equipped with a library full of images and videos. Is the insane amount of 300+ templates, video packages, overall designs and animations overwhelming? Sure, it is but…

Unlike other video creation tools, Video Robot guides you throughout the entire video creation process so you’re not left wondering what your next step should be.

So instead of getting overwhelmed with all the options and assets on offer, you’re guided in such a way that you don’t feel “lost” or don’t know how to get started.

This is Video Robot’s greatest strength and the reason why you’re going to continuously use it and keep coming back to it when compared to any other video creation tool.

Check the product demo video below to see for yourself just how easy and intuitive Video Robot is to use:

Video Robot’s 6-step creation process makes it possible for you to always have a framework of reference, regardless of the type of video you want to create.

This is priceless as you’re always going to feel in control when creating your videos instead of feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and confused.

It gets even better…

The Complete Package

What makes Video Robot so unique is that you can combine any source material with its templates to create your videos.

Apart from getting access to over 300+ video templates, you’re also entitled to the following bonuses if you decide to get Video Robot during its introductory launch.

As you can see from the bonuses above, you’re not only getting access to what is in my opinion, the BEST video creation software tool currently available, but you’re also getting access to all the resources you’ll ever need to create your videos.

Who is Video Robot For?

Is Video Robot worth it? And do you recommend getting it?

The answer is a resounding YES! But allow me to explain…

I want to mention that you’re investing in your future if you do decide to get Video Robot. You can research this and Google it for yourselves if you want to, all the stats, facts and figures point to video marketing being website users’ most preferred content format.

If you’re already doing any kind of video marketing, then Video Robot is something that you definitely need to take a look at. Also, if you’re active within the local marketing niche.

Or even if you’re completely new to creating videos, I can’t think of a better way to start than having a software tool such as Video Robot in your corner. As you can create professional marketing videos without any previous knowledge or experience.

Overall, I highly recommend Video Robot as it’s very easy-to-use and makes the entire process of creating videos so much easier and far less time consuming at a fraction of the cost.

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– Cindy Donovan