I’ve been talking a lot about Interactr – I was able to get early access of this software that I’ve WISHED had existed for a long time now … and woohoo!  These guys went and built it!

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Or if you’re completely new to Interactive Marketing you should check this article here showing how to use it in your online business

What is Interactr? 

In this article I’m gonna do a walk through of the features you’ll find in Interactr so you can check it what is actually under the hood before you make the decision to jump in and invest your hard earned cash.

Overall – I LOVE this software.

I think there could be some future improvements, the developers are dedicated to making this a top notch longterm product – they are the guys behind VideoSuite (a massively supported product) so we can expect the same level of attention to support.   I’ll get to those a bit later, but first – let’s talk about the freaking AWESOME bits!

Video Walkthrough Of The Software

If you want to jump straight in and see it for yourself you can watch this video here, this is the demo by the software creators, so… if you have time check it out.  I’ve spend a couple of weeks playing around with the software but these guys know it backwards, so if you can spare 14 mins, have a look!  Otherwise, keep scrolling and check out what I found in there!

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Interactr Main Premise 

Interactr is a cloud based video marketing tool that you can use to make interactive video.

It’s really easy to produce professional interactive videos with the drag and drop function, MUCH cheaper than previous options out there (starting at $5k/month!!!) for this kind of service.

Their mapping/canvas feature lets you control all kinds of interaction with your visitors, including being able to change where the video goes after they take action (click, don’t click, continue to watch etc), show different content or even popups with optin forms, html code or anything else you like in there.


There are a couple of templates in there already as well as the opportunity to create your own with the blank canvas builder which gives you the chance to make anything you like.

If you want some extra ideas for what to do with a blank interactr template you can check out the article I put together showing a couple of options.  I’m sure once you spend a little bit of time in there you’ll start bubbling over with ideas.

The main beauty of this system I think is the flexibility, you can go as simple as you like or totally over the top extra.

The Canvas

The main area you’ll be working in is the canvas and it’s AWESOME. You can easily see where the customer progresses to, you can drag and drop videos in and connect them by just clicking and dragging the arrow to the place you want the viewer to be sent to.

To edit what happens in that section of the video you click on the thumbnail and it will open up the action part, so you can choose what you want to happen.

Adding Actions In The Node Editor

In the node editor you have full control over what happens in that section of the video.   This is where the REAL magic happens, controlling the behavior of the video.

Here you’re able to add the following items directly onto the video

  • Add a hotspot area
  • Add a call to action button
  • Place text (customisable, colours, fonts etc)
  • Add email optin form directly on the video
  • Add custom html into the video
  • Add images, each is a separate layer – you can control the time it shows/hides and what you do with it
  • Add a popup trigger/button

Then, with each of these actions you can do ANY of the following:

  • Send viewer to a new video (and have it look like it’s still the same video
  • Send them to a menu
  • Open a popup
  • Send to a specific URL (you can add an unlimited number of actions and URL’s for them to visit)
  • Skip the video to a different part of the video
  • Or if you want… do nothing… (not sure why they have that there, but… hey – options are good!)

Adding Popups

There’s a neat section here too, where you can add email optin forms, custom html, images, CTA buttons or just plain ole text – again, everything is customisable and drag and drop.  You drag what you want in there, control when it shows up and what you want to happen when users see it, or interact with it (or don’t)

Video Library (Or Use Your Own Videos)

You’re not starting from complete scratch with Interactr. They’ve got a collection of videos in there that you can drag and drop into the template – and there are quite a few videos in there.  I’m not sure how many… i kept scrolling for a while.  The library is searchable too, so you can find what you want pretty easily or upload your own.

You can drag and drop your videos into there or put a link to a vimeo or youtube video too.

Training Tools

As of writing this there are 9 training videos in there that cover everything from:
– Creating your first project
– How to use the canvas
– Using project templates
– Making items interactive
– How to use popups

So they’ve got everything you need covered in there and their support team are nice and responsive so you should be all good and sorted nice and quickly if you do run into any hassles.   But… speaking of hassles… (haha)

Possible Improvements

I’ve written these up for you as much as the creators (i’ll make sure they see them too, so that hopefully they’ll be able to take them on board and together we might turn this incredible software into in-FREAKING-creadible software!)

  1. Can’t create the videos INSIDE the software.  This isn’t the biggest issue, since most of us already own the odd video creator but something simple like slides etc would be useful.  To help with this i’ve included access to some readymade videos as part of the bonus pack.. but this would be a great addition for people who don’t already have video software
  2. Background music that plays throughout the entire system.  This would be tricky to do development-wise, but it would really tie in the experience if there was a way to play an audio track through whichever path the user takes
  3. This is a little thing, but… the software logs you out quite often and there’s no save button on the Canvas page.  I think it saves automatically?  But there’s nothing worse than losing your work… (hope this is fixed soon!)

If you’ve got some suggestions and would like to get those in front of the developer post them in the comments below too!

Like I said, overall – these few little bits are not that much of a big deal considering the major features it already brings to the table, but hey… I’m part developer, so I can’t help myself… haha.


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