Video marketing is the most important factor for the success of your business and this is a fact. There’s no denying it.. but if you’re still resisting the future (well, actually – the NOW!!!) here are a few reasons why you can’t afford to ignore video marketing.

  1. According to the highly respected data-savvy company, Cisco… 80% of the world’s internet traffic will come in the form of video by 2019.
  2. YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google, with more than a billion users all over the globe.
  3. Video content is shared 1200% more times than links and text posts combined.

We’ve seen a massive influx of video marketing products on JVZoo (understandably), as we’re all realising how important video marketing is


Is this ‘just another video software’? 

Or is it something a bit more special?

I will provide you with an honest review of this product so you can make an informed decision whether this is the right choice for you!

My Plan For You In This Review

When investing in a product or software or both, the most important thing anyone wants to know is whether a software or product is worth your time and money.

As you all know money comes and goes so losing money does not equate to the amount of time you will invest into something which may or may not be worth it.

So I will be sharing a comprehensive review of Video Spinn and whether this brings anything different to the table and whether you should be investing in this software.

I don’t want to overload you with unnecessary information like many reviews so I will go over the following key points for analysis in order for you to establish whether this is truly a worth while investment:

  • What is Video Spinn
  • What makes Video Spinn different
  • Do they support their product
  • The Complete Package
  • Overall impressions
  • My Exclusive Video Spinn Bonus Offer

What is Video Spinn?

As we already talked about, videos are a must for any successful business, lets face it – you only have so many hours in a day and as a new, novice or established business owner, you can already appreciate how much time it takes to create a video. As a business owner, you cannot afford to spend most or all of your time on one aspect of your business and ignore others.

Video Spinn has figured out an Automated Solution to producing A LOT of high quality videos fast.

These videos all look unique in the eyes of Google (and YouTube) with varied content, file sizes and SEO friendly keywords so you can click a button and create 100 videos, upload them and you instantly have a lot of very highly targeted traffic headed your way.

This software suits both NEW and experienced marketers.

Video Spinn is ideal for marketers to get more social shares, more leads, and more sales, including:

  • eCom store owners
  • Video marketers
  • Kindle authors
  • Affiliate marketers
  • SEO providers
  • Social network marketers
  • Local business owners
  • Product creators
  • Webinar hosts
  • Podcasters
  • Udemy marketers

You can literally create as many videos as you want without any prior knowledge, skills, creativity or experience. This alone puts Video Spinn ahead of any other video marketing software in the market today as you don’t have to concern yourself with the creative process.

How does it Work?

If you’d prefer to watch a video, you can see an interview I did with Anthony Aires, the creator of Video Spinn in the video below!  In there, we’ve also got a demo in there too, so click the button to watch it below

Click Here To Get Video Spinn

Food for Thought…

The Leading Search Marketing Company  ‘…’ talk about how video creates the perfect recipe for success for every marketer by combining Traffic, Branding and Links.

See the image below to establish just how powerful Video Marketing is and why it is so vital for success in your business.  Using video gives you that PERFECT sweet spot needed for more dedicated clicks and sales.


What makes Video Spinn different?

The simple answer is that this software definitely brings something very different to the table, but even you can see why below and I’m sure you will agree…

There aren’t any other softwares that I’ve come across that can offer you ALL of these features in an automated way.  With Video Spinn you can:

  • Fast Bulk Video Creation – Video Spinn can create up to 100 unique videos just by entering a few simple fields and spinning a few dials. You’ll now have plenty of unique videos to add as ‘related videos’ to your YouTube channels… so your videos rank higher for their keywords
  • Optional Intro & Final Image/Clip – Brand your videos with optional intro and final clips… add your logo or contact information to make your video more memorable to the viewer
  • Video Transitions – Engage your viewers longer with pro level effects to stay glued to the screen – Video Spinn has a full range of transition options, including cross dissolve; fade to black; fade to white; slide from left/right/top/bottom; and zoom from/to center.
  • Optional Audio Clips – Choose from the Continuous option, which pulls one of your audio clip from the Music Folder per video and loops it for the duration of the video… or choose the Random option, which randomly pulls music files and inserts them into your videos for you.
  • Supported Video Formats – Video Spinn supports adding .MP4 .MPG .AVI .MOV .FLV and .WMV clips to your finished videos
  • Supported Image Formats – Images in .JPG .PNG .BMP .GIF .TIFF file formats are supported by Video Spinn
  • Choose Your Own Filenames – The ability to enter your own file names is a huge advantage, because you can enter your keywords as your file names… which means higher ranking and free traffic
  • Spin Option – Choose this option to let the software randomly insert the exact number of images and clips you want… for unlimited, unique videos on demand
  • Join Option – Creates a single video from all the images/videos in the Resource Folder, joined together alphabetically, to effortlessly create ‘authority videos’ which build your brand and reputation.
  • Watermark Option – Protect your videos from being ripped off by other marketers
  • Supported Audio Formats – .MP3 .WAV .WMA .ACC audio files are supported by Video Spinn
  • PC and Mac Compatible – Video Spinn is compatible with both types of machines… simply choose the best option for your needs
  • Includes Quick Start Guide and Video Walkthrough – A simple-to-follow Quick Start Guide in order to get your first project set up in just minutes. Of course, because your success is vital, included is a video walkthrough Video Spinn. Watch along as you see a campaign set up in real time.

No other Video Software even comes close to matching the value on offer here.

Let me shift the focus on the most important aspect of this software that you won’t find anywhere else.

Because Video Spinn is desktop based:

  • You won’t need to pay any kind of recurring fees to set up and produce your videos.
  • You also won’t face limits on how many videos you can create in a month – unlike you do with some competitor’s products.

And the best part… This suits NEW and EXPERIENCED video marketers!

Even if you’ve never created a video before now, Video Spinn makes it easy for anyone to get started creating videos.

And if you’re an experienced video marketer, you’ll really appreciate how Video Spinn makes creating videos so easy it’s like child’s play.

Do they support their software?

So now you are aware of what Video Spinn is and how it works, I want to raise your attention the issue of ‘support’.

A lot of software products will sell a product and not offer any ongoing support. With Video Spinn, you are provided with a Simple-to-Follow Walkthrough Guide and a Quick Start Guide.

Both of these guides will help you to set up your project in minutes and setup a campaign in real time so you will have all the support that you need.

As you can see from the above bonuses, you will be receiving $594 worth of bonus for free, which will help you leverage your business to the next level.

Overall Impressions

As I promised I would be providing an honest review, I am now going to share my own thoughts with you…

Do I think this product is worth it?

As you know, I only write reviews for products I truly love and I have to say that Video Spinn is probably the BEST video software I have come across to date. I cannot believe myself the immense amount of work that has gone into this to ensure it applies to both New and Experienced marketers.

The possibilities to exploit your videos for traffic, backlinks and social shares with Video Spinn are almost endless.

No matter what your level of experience, you can benefit from tons of real people viewing on your offers, just from the sheer volume of videos you can produce in such little time with Video Spinn.

You can use your videos to create content and backlinks for your personal blog networks.

You can share your videos on social media, like Facebook, Instagram and Vine for viral traffic, in addition to embedding them on your own websites, to keep your bounce rates low.

This also allows you to upload your videos to video sharing sites, like YouTube, and Daily Motion to get even more leads and traffic.

It’s an extremely clever software in my opinion and there is nothing like this out there on the market.

Finally, the developers of this software are so sure you will love this for automated video creation that they are offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

What more could you ask for?

My Video Spinn Bonus Offer

When I find a product I like, we put together some special bonuses – these are some great tools you can use today to get more out of the videos you create with Video Spinn.

After all, it’s all about getting you results faster/better/easier – right!?

Get your copy of Video Spinn Now

And you’ll get access to those bonuses too!  If you don’t see the bonuses straight away in your JVZoo dashboard contact our support team at support [at] wildfireconcepts [dot] com with your transaction receipt details and we’ll get back to you asap.

If you’ve got any questions for myself or Anthony Aires, please leave your comments below and we’ll get back to you soon!