We’ve been exploring the new Interactr technology that lets you put together some very engaging, targeted videos and in this article we want to look into the actual “HOW” of doing this, without pulling your hair out in the process.

If you’ve missed our series you might want to pop over and first learn a little about Interactive video and why it’s such a big deal for marketers.  We’ll still be here for you when you’re ready to dive in!

Also, if you’re interested in learning more about the actual software, i’ve set up a review article on our blog too, that gives a complete review of the Interactr software and our Interactr bonus offer too.

All sorted?  Then let’s do this!

In the Interactr members dashboard, you’ll see a few templates you can use as a starter for your interactive video creation. It looks like this:

So there are already a couple of ideas in there, but… what does it mean??? And how the heck do you actually turn THAT into one of these incredible, high conversion interactive videos?   Well that’s what we’re going to cover today!

They’re pretty good and might give you some ideas, but I wanted to take it a bit of a step further to show you three templates you might want to use for specific purposes in your marketing.

[EASY] Sales Shortcut Technique

This method is useful for: Affiliate marketers, product owners, ecommerce sellers, email marketers, bloggers etc.
What you need: A copy of the original sales video (either the file or the link to youtube/vimeo

If your audience is already familiar with the concept you can skip past the presell and educating/warming them up and straight into the benefits and how it will help them/why they need it and… then go go buy

The result?  MUCH higher conversions, happier viewers because they’re saving time and getting to the ‘guts’ of the message and more likely to buy because you’re able to speak to them, their prior knowledge and treat them with a bit more respect instead of having them feel like you’re talking down to them.

And those people who are a bit newer, they get their needs met too and are able to take a little longer to understand and fully grasp the concept before being ready for the pitch.

The best part about this is that there is literally NOTHING extra for you to record.  Using Interactr you can add the (normal) sales video, then choose where to pause it and add a slide with a question like:

How much do you know about {INSERT YOUR NICHE}?

Then have button options along the lines of:
– Not much at all
– Quite a bit
– A lot

If they answer ‘A lot’, skip them ahead in the sales video to where it talks about the main benefits of the product and then sells it to them.

If they answer ‘Quite a bit’, you can choose to skip them or not – depending on the topic.  If it’s one the general audience is familiar with you can probably still skip it.  If it’s a fairly new concept get them to watch the whole thing 🙂

If they answer ‘Not much at all’.  get the video to keep playing.

This is an easy way to make more sales even if you’re not the product owner, but are promoting as an affiliate, mailing to your email list, sending to a blog post or however you want to deliver the video

[ADVANCED] Sales Saver Technique

  • This method is useful for: Affiliate marketers, product owners, ecommerce sellers, anyone who wants to sell more using video.

    What you need:

  • 12 short videos (see outline below),
  • Lead capture page
  • 3-6 affiliate offers you want to promote

This has a few pieces, and might look like a lot but doesn’t take very long to put together – probably an hour or two .. and once it’s done, you’ve got a little marketing miracle on your hands!

The process is pretty straight forward:

Step 1: Choose your niche/main area and find 5-6 related products to promote
Step 2: Write your scripts (see the different phases below for info)
Step 3: Record/Make the videos.  They don’t need to be fancy, just slides with words will work, or stock video and audio recorded from the script.
Step 4: Add the videos, as described above
Step 5: Add the embed code to your webpage, blog etc and you’re ready to start making automated cash.

When it comes to adding it in to the Interactr software, i’ve broken this in to 6 different phases.   See the image above to work out which phase I’m referring to.

PHASE 1: Start video. 

This video should be friendly, introduce the main point you want to share in the video – keep the video about the viewer, very few people actually care about hearing too much about you (save that for your mum and dad… i’m sure they’re very proud).

PHASE 2 :Menu node. 

In this video you pose the first major question.

A pattern interrupt type question works really well here.  Something they are familiar with, wouldn’t have expected you to ask, but are curious enough to want to answer to see where this is gonna end up.

A good example of this was the ‘are you a dog or cat person (or neither/goldfish)’ example on the Interactr sales page.  Keep it clear, direct, easy to understand and simple to answer, so they don’t have to think too much about it.

PHASE 3: Secondary Question (Optional)

This second question lets you target things down a little further, sets the expectation for the user and lets you get more information about them

You can do as many of these questions as you like, but just remember – the more of them you make, the more variations you’ll need to create – so to begin with, keep things as simple as possible.

This question is good to find out the skill level, understanding of the field/product or even interest level.  In my example i’ve just ranked them 1,2,3 based on how well they say they understand the topic.

Then, in the videos I mention – ah… so, you’re new to xxxxx – how exciting! We want you to do get off to the best start and would love to give you xxxx bonus to congratulate you on starting this new journey. (for the new/low level)

For the higher understanding level, I could give away exactly the same gift… but say that i’m giving it to them because I’ve got a lot to share and I know that their time is very valuable etc. so I’d like to reward them for being action takers…

PHASE 4: Interstitial Tie In Video 

In the screenshot it looks like a lot of videos, but these are all the same video just duplicated.   It allows you to go from asking questions, to leading in to the delivery of the answer/teaching them a little and connecting with them in a way that requires very little work.

Keep this short – unless you have something really engaging to share/teach – the shorter the better… they basically want to get to the personalised versions asap.

PHASE 5: Personalised, Segmented Videos

You’ll need one video for each of the different variations here.  They don’t need to be CRAZY personalised.  Sometimes just changing the background image or two words from the script you’re using is all that it takes to let them know that you’ve heard what they’ve said.

A great technique to make easier scripts (that works REALLY well) is using ‘parroting’.

For example, if you first question is are you a man or a woman.  Then say back to them something like ‘Great!  As a woman who is interested in/passionate about xxxxxx, i’m surprised you haven’t seen xxxxx before – this is gonna change your life… (etc etc)’.

PHASE 6: Close The Sale 

You can do one of two things here.

Option #1: Bring them all in to one final video, now that you’ve addressed both questions and made them feel validated/prepared them if needed with any extra knowledge they might want/need or just given the content to them in a way they find more comfortable now you can bring them all back giving them a strong call to action.

If you do this (just one closing video for all), you can soften any disconnect by giving different options for them to choose and view or if they’re not ready to buy send them to a lead capture page, building your subscriber list and leaving an opportunity for you to followup and close the sale.

Option #2: Add a different video for each close option.   You don’t need to make a different video! Keep the text the same, just tell them that now, this opportunity is available – click the button to learn more.

Then link them to a relevant offer based on what you’ve learned from them in the previous questions.

This is an EXCELLENT way to test multiple offers – and get commissions for more than just one product, with the ability to take that one video and turn it into something that will still be very much targeted to a wider variety of people.

Finally, if you have a mailing list send to the video, this is a fantastic way to segment your list – if you have time, instead of choosing 5-6 affiliate offers, you could choose 5-6 giveaway items to give them (with a different one for each of the specific niches).

You can still have the video make money, and not ‘just’ segment if you want to go that route and add a special offer/recommended offer at the end of the video choose the redirect option when the video ends.  You’ve got traffic to an affiliate link, a more targeted audience and … you’re freaking golden!

The sky is the limit

I’ve only gone in to two strategies here, but when it comes to personalisation the sky really is the limit.

Interactr gives you full creative control, so you can go simple as you like (like our easy option), or you can add as many layers and customisations as you possibly can.

If you’d like to see some other ideas for using interactive video in your online marketing have a look at the 8 uses for interactive video marketing article here.

As you can see, it takes a little work to put together, but now with the Interactr software you can do it yourself without the $xx,xxx (MONTHLY!) price tags that big media companies have charged in the past.

You’re now able to customise your videos in a way previously unheard of other than the big boys with the big budgets… and with that little extra planning, give YOUR videos the valuable competitive edge over the millions of video marketers online.

You’ve got this!

Tell us in the comments if you’ve found this useful, if it’s sparked some ideas for better marketing videos – and/or how you plan to use interactive videos in your online business.   Talk soon!