Using interactive video for your audience is not just easy (with the right tools), but much more effective – allowing you to get the best, most targeted message available to your audience automatically.

In this article we’re covering 8 different groups of marketers and the ways they can use the more engaging Interactive marketing approach in their online marketing.

If you’re new to Interactive Marketing visit our other article explaining what it is and how to use Interactive marketing in your online business, or if you’re just itching to get started with this exciting marketing opportunity you can look at our Interactr review and best bonus offer here too.   Also, if you have any ideas in any of these marketing areas, or other ideas entirely for using a more interactive approach in your online marketing, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.   Right now though, it’s time to dive in to the:

Practical Ways You Can Use Interactive Video

Social Media Marketing

Interactive marketing gets a lot of it’s ideas from Social Media.  Facebook/Twitter etc are very interactive websites, their advertising network VERY much uses an interactive element.  For example, you click like on a skateboarding video and all of a sudden you’re seeing parkour ads up to wazoo.

You can encourage your social media audience to suggest new content, quiz them, run mini-contests, take action on their requests and then make sure you remind them where you got the idea from.

Some ideas for using interactive video area:

  • Create a video of the week using it as a kind of poll.
  • Find a topic that’s been hot in the news, or just within your niche/circle that week
  • See the topics they’re really engaging in.
  • If they click on one of those topics, you can guide them to give more info too, slowly targeting the topic and allowing you to really understand where your audiences’ interests lie
  • Then, keep bringing them more of that!

Email Marketing

Email marketing is all about getting more opens, more clicks and turning those people into not just numbers in your autoresponder, but real… actual people you’re able to connect with and help.

The autoresponder lets you do it on a larger scale, after all – there’s only so much one-on-one a person can physically do… which can leave subscribers left feeling disconnected from you, as the list owner.  Interactive video can help restore that disconnect, making it feel like more of a two way conversation… even though it’s not – when they make choices within the video there’s a connection, a feeling of being understood that helps reconnect your subscribers to you, your business and your brand.

A great use of interactive video could be to:

  1. Send users to a video asking their areas of interest
  2. Use that info to segment your lists – so the ones who are really interested in WordPress plugins for example, will see more emails about WordPress plugins… and be less inclined to unsubscribe when you’re mailing about video marketing (if they’ve indicated they aren’t at all interested in video marketing).

This will result in happier subscribers, more targeted mailing lists, more clicks and sales – and can be set up once and added to your autoresponder sequence so that segmentation becomes just something that happens naturally and 100% automatically.

eCommerce Marketing

Selling more is the game here and Interactive Video hands that to eCom sellers with a big gold bow on top.  Anyone selling products via eCommerce would be bonkers to ignore this potential goldmine.

Interactive video lets you cast a wide net (i.e. promote/sell a lot of different products) and get info about all of those – showing you where the hotspots are hiding.  This is perfect for finding new/hidden niches, discovering what types of related/cross sells you can do and turn a once-off customer into a lifelong repeat client.  Questions you could ask are:

  • “What’s your favorite {INSERT YOUR NICHE} brand?”
  • “Do you like outdoor/indoor sports better?”
  • “Where would you like to visit most in Europe/USA/Asia?”
  • “Who do you wish you could {INSERT YOUR NICHE} with?”
  • “How often do you buy {INSERT YOUR NICHE}?”
  • “What’s your favourite color/fabric/place/animal?”

Offline Marketing

Offline/local marketers are varied in their audience, but one thing that doesn’t change is video.  It’s no secret, a video on your client’s website increases their sales (and keeps your client much happier!).   With interactive video that one video can sell not just one service – or, what usually happens… cover a collection of services broadly… Instead you can meet that website visitor with the message they want, guide them into buying more and keep your clients smiling their faces off at your clever marketing skills!

  • Loan calculators are HOT and with interactive video you can guide them through it visually, discovering their demographic data, area of interest and ability to take on future investments.
  • All the ‘usual’ stores you’re managing for local business would kill for this kind of handsfree bonus sales.  You can set up a video to find out if they are male/female, tailor the video to that and offer targeted services, using enticing stock videos to encourage them to really visualise themselves booking that 60min massage instead of booking the 30 min one they’d originally intended, or placing a wheel alignment visual in the video increasing the opportunity for more sales too.

Video Marketing

Using video interaction software, like Interactr, you can create customized video sales letters that give the user an experience of almost being there in person. Think about it. Top sales people ask a lot of questions so they can tailor their presentation to their audience. In fact, you can now do this without having to be there.

Here are some ideas for questions you might ask, using cars as an example, but this would work in any niche from makeup brands, to fishing, golfing or other hobbies – all the way up to higher value marketplaces like real estate and banking.

  • “Why are you looking to buy a new car today?”
  • “Which brand is your favorite”
  • “How many people will be in the car”
  • “How soon do you want to take delivery of the car?”
  • “Do you want to update your coffee cup holders?”
  • “What color would you like?”
  • “What is the most important reason you will be using the car?”

This works for simple products or more complex products as well.

Freelance Marketing

If you are are doing a lot of freelance work then you want to make sure you are on the same page before you do a consult.  For example, if you are a graphic or web designer you can ask questions:

  • “What is your budget?’
  • ‘What is your time frame”
  • “Do you have a website now?”
  • Then, based upon their response you can take them down a customised experience that helps you set the frame before the appointment.

Plus, the cool part is you’ve already got them into buying mode before you make the call so this can not only show you are a pro, save you a ton of time answering questions, but can help you get more money from every customer as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Let’s say you are selling fitness and health products. Not all audiences are the same. You could ask:

  • “Male or Female”
  • What’s Your Age? “20 – 30” “31-45” “45-Over”
  • “Do you want to: lose weight, gain muscle or both?”

This way you can drive traffic to the same sales page and customize and experience for your visitor so they get the exact product that fits their needs. This will help massively with conversions and help lower your cost per customer in even some of the most competitive markets in the world.

Blog/Content Marketing

People like to consume content in their own way.

Some people prefer audio, video and some like to read. So, for example, you take your post, create a video, then extract the audio. You can ask:

  • “DO you prefer: “Audio” Video or PDF?”

Then, they can have the option to have it emailed to them so they can consume the content the way they want.

This way if you are creating multiple variations of content you are delivering it to them on a regular basis so they can consume it the best way possible. You can also have an intro video that ask them

  • “What is your biggest question about X”.

Then, you can give them options, and then recommend a certain blog post or piece of content that is super specific to their needs.

Now, It’s Your Turn!

We’ve covered a lot here, but far out – when you can really tailor the product to look/feel/BE the exact thing the viewer is after – and deliver it in a way that makes the viewer feel valued, heard and part of the sales process…. instead of just being ‘pitched’ at… well, you’re onto a winner!

Do you have some ideas for using Interactive video that I might not have covered here? Let me know in the comments below! 

And if you’d like to learn more about using this new technology don’t forget to check out our full review.