KITCHENER, Ontario – December 3, 2014 – Vidyard, a global leader in video marketing and sales enablement solutions, today launched its integration with the Act-On marketing automation platform. The integration gives Act-On users the ability to track video viewing activities of their contacts across all distribution channels. Marketers can now leverage the resulting video engagement data to drive qualified leads and help move those leads through the sales funnel more effectively.

Leveraging the Vidyard integration, Act-On users can track which videos each contact has watched and how long they remained engaged in the message. By pushing this data directly into contact records within Act-On, marketers can enhance lead scoring and nurturing programs to better qualify prospects and increase conversion velocity.

“Online video is an important part of Act-On’s own digital marketing mix, and as a Vidyard customer, we have seen tremendous value in leveraging the technology to track the viewership and engagement our videos receive across channels,” said Atri Chatterjee, Chief Marketing Officer at Act-On. “With the Vidyard integration, our customers now have the ability to see which videos their prospects are watching and use that data to better nurture and convert customers. It’s about giving our customers access to the right data to make smarter marketing decisions.”

While it’s important to use a variety of content throughout the sales cycle, video is emerging as the most powerful medium to drive increased engagement and conversion rates. In a recent survey by research firm Demand Metric, more than 70 percent of marketers reported that video converts better than other content types, but less than 10 percent are using video analytics to help qualify leads and improve the results of demand generation programs.

With the new partnership, Act-On users can now:

Identify video viewers and track which content they watch and for how long
Use video viewing and engagement data inside Act-On to enhance lead scoring and nurturing
Speed up their sales cycles with insight on what content interests their prospects
Generate more leads by adding calls to action, forms or email gates to videos
Know how effective their videos are at converting prospects through the buying journey

“Leading marketers now recognize that video has transitioned from a ‘can be’ to ‘must be’ part of their content and demand generation programs,” said Chris Kiersch, President of MyBusinessIntegrated, a leading digital marketing agency specializing in marketing automation and Act-On implementations. “With Vidyard’s new integration, Act-On users can now leverage video in a more strategic manner to better qualify their leads and improve the overall results of their digital marketing programs. We’re excited to partner with Vidyard to bring these capabilities to the Act-On community.”

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About Vidyard

Vidyard (Twitter: @Vidyard) is the industry’s leading video marketing platform that helps marketers drive results and ROI with online video content. With Vidyard, customers can add video to their websites in minutes, get real-time analytics, syndicate video to social networks and YouTube, create calls to action, optimize search engine hits, capture leads, and brand their player skins all from one place. Vidyard integrates with key marketing automation and CRM tools to deliver user-level video engagement data, turning views into sales.

About Act-On Software

Act-On is a leading provider of integrated marketing automation software, helping 2,500+ companies to tie inbound, outbound, and nurturing programs together – across email, web, mobile, and social. Users achieve superior return on marketing investment through sophisticated demographic and behavioral data that increases engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, reduces the cost of acquisition, and strengthens loyalty. Act-On’s fresh approach to marketing automation gives sales and marketing professionals full functionality without the complexity other systems impose, and makes campaign creation and program execution easier and faster. Act-On offers a best-in-class professional services team, dedicated customer support, and the APEX ecosystem of partners to provide clients with the tools they need to achieve marketing success.

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