Vidyard, the global leader in video marketing solutions, today introduced Vidyard Video Hubs, a new product that enables marketers to easily create custom-branded video channels on their own corporate websites. Built on the Vidyard video marketing platform, Video Hubs is the industry’s first turnkey solution for creating immersive video channels that can identify and track individual viewers and report on the performance of each video asset.
More than 70 percent of B2B marketers now use video to engage, educate and entertain customers, according to the Content Marketing Institute. However, until now the majority of this content has been spread across countless landing pages and off-site channels, limiting discoverability and hindering a brand’s ability to glean valuable information about audience engagement and to take advantage of the SEO benefits of a growing video library.
Vidyard Video Hubs addresses these challenges, giving marketers all the tools they need to create custom-branded video channels; build playlists, categories and tags; easily upload, manage and share video content with no coding required; and track detailed viewer engagement analytics.
“We love Video Hubs,” said Bhaji Illuminati, Senior Marketing Manager at Taulia, one of Vidyard’s early customers on the new platform. “It is the perfect way to share multiple videos because it is Taulia-branded and works seamlessly within our website. It has virtually replaced our use of YouTube.”
With Vidyard Video Hubs, marketers can:
Create customized video channels to house large video libraries or targeted sets of content using a range of templates, layouts, and visual assets.
Help viewers consume and discover new video content by keeping them on their company website, free from competing distractions that come with using off-site video channels.
Enhance SEO by hosting video assets on their own website — each video released in a Video Hub creates a new page with detailed descriptions, tags and titles for search engines to crawl and index.
Use video analytics to gain insight into how viewers are interacting with the video content and which videos are resonating and leading to conversions.
Improve nurturing, segmentation and lead scoring by identifying individual viewers, tracking viewing history, and integrating that data with marketing automation and CRM systems.
“With Vidyard Video Hubs, marketers can now showcase their online video collections within their own branded channel experience while tracking detailed information on each viewer and their viewing habits,” said Michael Litt, CEO and Co-Founder of Vidyard. “It’s a powerful turnkey solution that puts marketers back in control of their content and their customers.”
To see Video Hubs in action, check out Vidyard’s own custom Video Hub or visit

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