5 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out from the Competition

Building a strong brand is the key to success in the current competitive business world. Regardless of how fantastic your product is, being successful in business needs great branding. Excellent branding will position your company as an industry leader and boost customers’ loyalty. However, standing out from your competition requires that you integrate a creative branding strategy. Below are some tips to make your brand stand out from the rest.

1. Social Media Brand Style

Unlike some years back where shopping was primarily physical, approximately 97 percent of shoppers currently search for products and services online. Therefore, developing a strong social media presence is crucial for brands looking to stand out from competitors. Fortunately, you can leverage several strategies to widen your online reach.  The key is having a unique style tied to your brand voice and culture so that you stand out above the noise and competition.

From focusing on local SEO, creating outstanding social media posts across various platforms, signing up for local business listing, creating and uploading insightful content, to a rockin’ video strategy, succeeding in your social media area is challenging but possible. The key, however, is that you should ensure that your social media posts reflect your company culture and brand voice.  Make it unique.  Make it interesting. Make it consistent and reflective of your company.

2. Product Packaging

Product packaging has a significant impact on sales and customer loyalty. Packaging your products right improves the customers’ perception of your brand and differentiates your brand from others. That said, leveraging some tips to improve your packaging, such as understanding your competitors, using high-quality products, embracing green packaging, and changing packaging regularly can come in handy. Sourcing your packaging supplies from the best manufacturer is also important.

3. Super Smooth Ordering and Shipping

Offering flexible shipping options is enough reason for online shoppers to prefer your business to competitors. Free and expedited shipping provides a significant edge over other companies in several ways. Most customers dissuade from completing the checkout process because of the extra shipping costs. Some ordering and shipping strategies that stand out from the crowd include offering free shipping on standard delivery and small premiums for time-specific or expedited deliveries, free shipping on costly orders, and using postal services with low shipping costs.

4. Giving Back as Part of the Company Culture

Another excellent way of having your brand stand out from competitors is doing more through community services. Most consumers associate businesses that engage or support social and environmental causes with a positive image. As such, giving back to your community is an excellent way to show your customers you spend your income.

The best way to do this is to find a cause that aligns with your business, with approximately 64% of customers attesting that they trust brands that use shared values when giving back to the community. For instance, if you operate a restaurant, showing how you give back by providing food for homeless people every month can be beneficial.

5. Use Relevant Influencers

Without a doubt, social media has significantly changed the face of digital marketing. With many options to promote your brand online, influencer marketing remains among the best ways of reaching a wider audience with fast results. Working with a reputable influencer has several benefits. Besides making your brand stand out from the competition, influencers help build brand credibility, expose your brand to a new audience, and increase your sales. However, the key to successful influencer marketing is finding the right influencer. While you shouldn’t be specific, it is better to work with influencers related to your industry.

Bottom Line

Competition among businesses is good, as it means your products or services are in demand. Without competition, businesses will not bother improving their products or services. Standing out from the competition in business is no easy feat. Understanding and appealing to the needs of your customers is important and something that takes intentionality, effort, and measurement.  If the above items are closely watched and implemented, it can help your brand stand out from the crowd.

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