Throughout 2018, Vidyard solidified community engagement programming and community initiatives, adding to regarding a &ldquogive back&rdquo strategy that inspires others &ndash also it&rsquos all supported by Vidyard&rsquos board of company directors

KITCHENER, Ontario &ndash December 14, 2018 &ndash Vidyard, the key video platform for business, has prioritized the organization&rsquos dedication to Community like a key stakeholder. By reordering their stakeholder list, and ranking &ldquoCommunity&rdquo above &ldquoInvestors,&rdquo Vidyard constitutes a bold move for any technology company. Vidyard wishes to inspire similar organizations to construct programming and initiatives to aid their local neighborhoods and to do this in a manner that is core to how they conduct business.

Vidyard Stakeholder List: 1. Customers 2. Employees 3. Community 4. Investors

&ldquoCommunity is among Vidyard&rsquos main concern stakeholders, alongside its Customers, Employees, and Investors&ndash and Vidyard&rsquos board is aboard. Shifting an order in our stakeholder list may appear as an unconventional idea, however it&rsquos a concept that work well for all of us and our employees,&rdquo states Michael Litt, Chief executive officer and Co-Founding father of Vidyard. &ldquoWhen we openly reordered our shareholders by doing this, we required a stance that most importantly, Community counts. Our board agreed.&rdquo

Throughout 2018, Vidyard staff and leadership teams all got involved:

Offered greater than 1750 meals to home of Friendship, a Kitchener-based organization that gives support services for individuals coping with poverty, hunger, being homeless, and addiction.Logged greater than 600+ volunteer hrs at home of Friendship, in addition to through outreach programming with LAUNCH Waterloo, THEMUSEUM, Catalyst in the College of Waterloo, yet others.Supported 14 local non profit organizations, including Big Siblings Big Siblings of Canada, House of Friendship, Kitchener-Waterloo Gallery, Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Center, Sustainable Waterloo Region, KidsAbility Center for Child Development, Carizon Family And Community Services, Canadian Bloodstream Services, Reception House Waterloo Region, Community Support Connections, Grand River Hospital, Kitchener Public Library, Child Witness Center, Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region, and YWCA Kitchener-Waterloo. Located 10 community-focused occasions, including programming to aid LGBTQ+ in Technology, True North, Velocity, Making Space, Big Siblings Big Siblings of Canada Night, College of Guelph &ndash British like a Second Language, Ladies Learning Code yet others.Generated $15,000 in community donations, including gifts to aid organizations involved with creating a flourishing local arts and culture, developing entrepreneurship and leadership programming, aiding healthcare and wellness, and community development.Located 5 Plugin occasions, including &ldquoCanada&rdquo, supporting the kid Witness Center, &ldquoFatal Friday&rdquo, supporting Extend-A-Family Waterloo Region, &ldquoChill&rdquo, supporting YWCA Kitchener-Waterloo, &ldquoLaughs &amp Lagers,&rdquo supporting KidsAbility Center for Child Development, and &ldquoTemple of Terror&rdquo, supporting Carizon Family And Community Services.

Vidyard Pledges 1% Dedication to its Community and Beyond

Vidyard belongs to the Pledge 1% program, a good way for businesses to leverage some of the future success to aid nonprofits within their community. Like a recognized member, Vidyard has dedicated to donating a minimum of 1% of the organization&rsquos time, product, resourcing and space to supporting non-profits in the area. It&rsquos a little commitment today which will make a big impact tomorrow.

&ldquoOne from the wonderful things about Pledge 1% is the fact that there’s no prescribed listing of how you can so when to apply formal giving-back programs,&rdquo states Laura Flatt, Community Engagement Program Manager at Vidyard. &ldquoPledge 1% encourages companies to begin where they’re today, then activly works to cause them to become consider the things they can perform to return.&rdquo

&ldquoCommunity Giving&rdquo like a Defining A part of Vidyard Culture

Volunteering is among the simplest and many cost-great ways to hand back to some neighborhood while showcasing corporate values with the simple act of giving time. Volunteering also introduces and educates employees about local non profit organizations, not-for-profit organizations, and volunteer possibilities in their own individual backyards. Simply distributing the term on who needs help most industriously went after our staff to leave and volunteer by themselves time.

For instance, on #GivingTuesday, a nationwide day’s giving that required put on November 24th, Vidyard launched its annual Food Drive. Annually, the whole clients are split into teams, and every competes to gather probably the most non-perishable food products and money for that Food Bank of Waterloo Region. Competition aside, employees expect for this each holiday. This season, Vidyard even added an additional annual challenge by including key products which are very popular in the area socks and winter jackets. Employees is going to be donating these products towards the Working Center, a non-profit, community-based, venture that gives use of tools and possibilities to construct community projects in the area.

&ldquoWe constantly listen to our responsibility seekers and employees they&rsquore centered on finding work within firms that offer them the chance to create significant contributions alongside passionate people,&rdquo states Lisa Brown, Vidyard&rsquos VP of Talent. &ldquoThe company had recently been taking part in many activities internally through various grassroots initiatives.&rdquo

Vidyard continuously prioritize giving back through weekly volunteering, mentorship programming through local STEAM/STEM initiatives, bloodstream drives, large-scale company-wide occasions, as well as WordPress plugin, community occasions that gather youthful professionals in fun and unconventional methods to connect, build and keep our community.

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This Chief executive officer&rsquos One-Page List To Keep His Priorities Straight: Creative Ways Your Business Can Provide Back: CSR: How You Can Hand Back Whenever You&rsquore Just Getting Off The Floor: Careers: Occasions:

About Vidyard Vidyard may be the video platform for business that can help organizations drive more revenue by using movie. Going beyond video hosting and management, Vidyard helps companies drive greater engagement within their video content, track the viewing activities of every individual viewer, and switch individuals views into action. Global leaders for example Honeywell, LinkedIn, Citibank and Sharp depend on Vidyard to power their video content strategies and switch viewers into customers.

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Throughout 2018, Vidyard solidified community engagement programming and community initiatives, adding to regarding a &ldquogive back&rdquo strategy that inspires others &ndash also it&rsquos all supported by Vidyard&rsquos board of company directors

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