For the relaunch of the emailmonday newsletter, I thought it was fun to do a email subjectline test and ask Marketers, which one they tought would win.

This was done in a unique position: * The list wasn’t mailed in a long time so a complete chance to re-engage with my email list * A new formula was introduced with now curated content, engagement prompts & exclusive content! We tested the following subject lines: A: I promised to get back to you with these Golden Nuggets B: Your marketing briefing had to reboot – Results inside or was there no winner between the two?117 people voted for which they thought would be winning….

And people commented as well – thanks gang!

So what are we really testing with these two? (Hypothesis)

Both of the options present a change but A is pointing towards the relation (I promised) and B to something of theirs (Their Briefing). Both creating some tension – and excitement (maybe?). The Hypothesis (what I thought would happen, and wanted to test) was: “More subscribers will open the newsletter when re-engaging after a long time when pointing to the relation.” Now the Hypothesis is good, but I know based on the test you can’t 100% say that was the ONLY difference between the two. What do you think? But this is the lesson: Even if you are doing a “random” test, think of a reason why. – why would one do better than the other? That is rationale and will inspire further tests! Subscribe for the newsletter here: Sooooo, ready for the results?

Other subject lines considered (because you should alway write more than just two subkject lines) 1: Oops, this is the only Marketing Vacation you don’t want. 2: Arnolds “I’ll be back” method put into Marketing Action 3: This Hibernating Superpower made the Avengers look like Pussies. 4: Why All-You-Can-Eat isn’t great for marketing. 5: 10,9,8,7.. Re-booting the email formula We’ll be doing more unique, exclusive things like this and experiments, so give in to your FOMO and subscribe to that newsleter.

Want 5 to 10% more opens? – Do this: Email split testing results.

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