What is Covert Commissions? 

Covert Commissions is a done for you service that removes all of the barriers to building an email list, becoming successful at affiliate marketing and REALLY seeing affiliate commissions in your bank account.

Instead of the over complicated million-piece-puzzle of having to make landing pages, create lead capture gifts, master high converting marketing copy, build engaging content, review products, make bonuses and write cleverly crafted email series to sell/recommend targeted affiliate offers… and then queue the emails, make sure your emails are getting through, getting clicks opens and sales…

We’ve simplified successful affiliate marketing down to one achievable task

Once you’ve got a Covert Commissions account, you just login to your members area, connect your affiliate accounts (it’s free and easy, we’ll show you how to do that).

Then, you simply choose from our wide selection of done for you lead capture funnels.

You’ll get a link that’s just for you – and when you send people to that link, anyone who signs up gets a special giveaway item we’ve crafted on your behalf, special download pages with your affiliate links on and endless followup emails – with your affiliate links inside – in every email, as long as they stay subscribed.

What Kind Of Help Do You Get? 

We’re serious about seeing you succeed, so we’re not just giving you these done for you, hosted/managed list building funnels.  You’ll also get access to our entire traffic training library and a direct email to our helpful support team any time you feel stuck.

The training materials are very specific – showing you exactly what you need to do, in order to build your list and start seeing income fast.  In some cases we’ve even met with creators of the products we sell on your behalf, and got their insider secrets when it comes to getting the most leads and sales possible in that exact niche.

From time to time, (approx once a month) we also hold live sessions where you can come in, share your experiences and ask any questions you might have, to help remove any of those blockages you might have encountered in the past in your online marketing.   Also, if you want something that we just haven’t done yet, we’re always open to suggestions for improving, expanding and making this the best subscription you’re a part of.

How Does It Make You Money & How Do You Get Paid? 

The concept is based on one of the most powerful ways to build lasting income online, email (or sometimes called subscriber based) marketing.   We’ve created digital gifts you can give away and then when you add a person to the list we find related products that would interest them and recommend them for you.

When the subscribers buy any of the recommended products, you’ll get paid!

In your Covert Commissions account, you’ll be asked to add your JVZoo, Clickbank, PayKickstart and Warrior Plus ID’s.   This lets us know where your money should be sent.

Your payments go directly into your own affiliate accounts, so you’ll see when you make sales as they happen.

What Do You Actually Get? 

You’ll receive access to a members area, with your choice of 50+ (and growing) different done for you marketing funnels.

We host the leads for you (you can export them if you choose) and send out compelling and engaging email content and promotions with your affiliate link in every one.

The number of promotions will vary based on that particular audience, what’s happening in that niche at the time and how the list is responding to those promotions.

Our team are very ‘hands-on’, testing and tweaking the sequences and live promotions to do the best we can to get you more leads, more opens and clicks – and of course, more sales!

We’ll also give you the marketing materials you need to get traffic to your pages – these vary depending on the pack, but can include everything from copy/paste emails, banners and twitter ads – to FB marketing ads, videos and more.

What Kind Of Products Do We Promote On Your Behalf?

Every product we recommend is hand picked, properly tested and chosen specifically for the audience – closely tying it in with the giveaway product from the lead capture page.

For example, if you’ve chosen to give away a piece of software that helps with their Facebook marketing – and a subscriber has joined, then we know… this person is interested in Facebook marketing – so we’ll find the best Facebook marketing products around and recommend those resources (with your affiliate links) to your subscribers.

If they’ve joined up for a report or video series about “How to find Mr Right” for example, we will send emails helping them with some dating tips and recommend products in the relationship and dating niches.

Most of the products we choose will earn you between 50 and 100% commissions.  This means, if one of your subscribers buys a product for $100, you’ll get paid $50-100 cash.

What Is The ACTUAL Price?  Are There Hidden Costs?

There are different payment options, you can see the pricing options here

Prices range from $9.97 a month, with our most popular service costing $27 a month.

We’re 100% up front with the expenses including the fact that there are:
[+] NO Upsells, extra offers or anything like that
[+] NO Hidden costs, no surprise fees etc
[+] NO Autoresponder costs
[+] NO Hosting expenses
[+] NO Outsourcing wages to pay

This is the most ‘what you see is what you get’ type of service you’ll find online.

We do send out offers to some recommended affiliate products, you’re NEVER under any obligation to purchase.  These are simply tools we find as new technology becomes available that we think you might be interested in.  If it doesn’t tie in with the core direction of your business we recommend you don’t buy them.  If you do see something that would make your business run smoother, get you faster/better/easier results – then look closer.

By The Way: Every promotion you receive about recommended products is sent with the affiliate link of the person who recommended Covert Commissions to you (not my affiliate link), so when you purchase you’re helping people just like you become more profitable too!

What’s The Catch?  

One question I get asked a bit is …. what’s the catch?  Like… I get it Cindy, it sounds awesome – but, what’s in it for you?  How do you make money with this?  It sounds too good to be true and in your past experience you might be a little wary of things that promise the world – and end up just taking you for a ride.

So I’ll be completely transparent here, so you can see my business model and see how this is complete win/win/win all round!

My company stays profitable several ways:

  • Covert Commissions is a membership service, so you pay regularly depending on your chosen pricing option.  This makes us work harder for you (when you start seeing results you’re more likely to stay subscribed) .
  • I’m a product creator at heart.  I love having ideas and finding out what my subscribers really want to help grow their businesses better/easier/faster…  and then turning those into products people can use.  So, you’ll see quite a few of my own products that you’ll be able to earn commissions for my products.
  • Email marketing has always been a big part of my business, so I’m going to write them anyway …  this way, you profit too 🙂

Where Do You Sign Up?

You can learn more about Covert Commissions here.  Your account is set up instantly, with 50+ fully hosted and managed marketing funnels at your fingertips just minutes from now

Is There A Guarantee? 

Yes, you can try Covert Commissions for a full 30 days.  If you aren’t super impressed you can request your money back.

If you DO refund, you’ll lose access to your account and all packs.

Can I See The Squeezepages? 

Yes, absolutely!  We’ve got a bunch of them that you can have a look at here.  Click any of those demo’s to see the top quality content and designs etc that you’ll have fully branded to your affiliate ID’s in moments from now.

If you want to experience the emails set too, you can sign up to get the giveaway gift and check it out for yourself!

Got Other Questions?  Comments? 

If there’s something we’ve left out, please comment in the box below and we’ll be happy to help.    The more questions you have, the more it helps the whole community – so post away down below and let us get you super clear and ready to succeed!