This is an email newsletter that I worked on recently. It was our first real newsletter, so we did not have a lot of experience in email marketing. I would love to hear your feedback!

The first goal was to get people who signed up for the newsletter without much thought to understand what we are working on. For this we started the email with our mission statement.

Our main goal was to keep our subscribers interested in the project and get them excited, so that they will make the effort to download the beta of our app once we send them their invite. We had to delay the beta by a bit, so we wanted to make sure it was clear that there was still work going on and that the wait would be worth it.

We tried to do this by emphasizing the ever growing list of supported components – this list is already public, so it is a place where the work we do already shows – and then highlighting the six features that we think will be the most interesting for potential users. Even for people who just glance a the email without reading it we wanted to make the features stand out, so we used cropped screenshots on a backdrop of our bright signature yellow.

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