We’ve had an absurd amount of Hollywood drama since the sexual misconduct/Harvey Weinstein uproar. 

Everyone from Louis C.K, Ben Affleck, Geoffrey Rush, Steven Seagal, Sylvester Stallone and of course, Kevin Spacey has got media attention all for the wrong reasons. 

One guy who has (so far) stayed, thankfully pure is Mr Kevin Costner – and the reason he popped into my mind today was this…

Do you remember that late eighties film, ‘Field Of Dreams’?  

Or maybe, my most favourite (slightly) more recent version of it… where the little guys trick Gonzo into building a jacuzzi (omg… if only this worked in real life!!!)

And kudos to Gonzo too – avoiding those sexual allegations, we’re on a roll baby!!!

Don’t you just WISH Internet Marketing was that easy?

You just ‘build it and they come’ (and then throw their money at you) 

Fortunately there is actually a way that’s been working, year after year … that people just overlook because, well… it takes some work.

There is a piece of software and training system that’s just released that helps get around creating content which is one of the trickiest/time consuming parts of it.  You can check out Blooom here if you want to shortcut the process and jump straight into this proven method.

Content marketing is quite possibly the only Internet Marketing strategy that lets you build it and have people show up from all corners of the planet.   If you think I’m wrong and you know of some other methods that beat content marketing for ‘build it and comeness’ let me know in the comments below.

But.. what makes content marketing so special and one of the most time-tested ways to make money online?

Simply put, having a solid content strategy in place allows you to:

  • Drive more traffic
  • Engage with your target audience
  • Get more leads & sales

This is why every major brand you can think of (big or small) has a content marketing strategy in place.


Content marketing does require a big dose of the “W” word (aka… Work… omg, sorry for all this profanity today!) 

Drawback #1: Research

Not only have you got to identify your audience’s main pain points by:

  • Reading blog comments
  • Exploring forums + Q&A sites
  • Checking Amazon reviews

But you’ve also got to keep an eye on your competition to see if the content you want to create hasn’t already been covered.

Drawback #2: Content Creation

You’ll find that actually creating quality and share-worthy content can be a time consuming process.

There’s several aspects to keep in mind such as acknowledging  your audience’s:

  • Dreams
  • Desires
  • Fears
  • And frustrations

To using your audience’s language in order for them to connect with your content.  

Drawback #3: Content Promotion

And just when you thought you were done comes… content promotion.

How else do you think people are going to find out about the masterpiece you’ve just created?

As you can see…

Regularly publishing high-quality content can be a daunting process and then some.

It’s no wonder why so many marketers spend a small fortune hiring content writers or…

Use expensive content spinning tools,

I’m not even going to go there (hehe).

So what other options are we left with?

Luckily for us there’s ‘Blooom.’

Blooom is not just a piece of software , but an entire strategy for Internet Marketing that is proven to work. 

Check out what some of the users of this system (and software) kit are saying about it.

This time-saving WordPress plugin shortcuts the entire content creation process by using content from experts on YouTube and turning it into engaging content on your blog. 

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And start building something that lives up to it’s promise – build it, they will come!

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Also… I want to know…

Have you (properly) given content marketing a go?

How have you found it?  Where have your hangups been?  What’s holding you back from really profiting?

Post in the comments below and let’s knock them off and see bigger pay checks for you this year.