10 Best English Translation Service Companies to Work With

Translation of documents and content plays an important role in helping businesses to reach a wider global audience. However, since effective communication is an essential part of running any business, you should ensure you get your point across accurately and clearly. The manner in which you communicate will also affect how others perceive your business. As such, you should consider working with a professional translation service company that delivers high-quality work. Choosing the best company to work with is not a walk in the park; you will have to take into account several factors before making a decision. To make your work easier, here is a list of some of the best companies to work with.

Straker Translations

Straker Translations has offered translation services for over two decades now, having been founded in 1999. In addition to over 20 years’ experience, the company employs over 13,000 human translators, who cover over 80 languages. The company takes pride in providing both personal and corporate translations and serving clients in 8 major industries. Today the company has offices spread in 9 countries around the world, making it easy for them to serve clients in different locations. Straker offers round-the-clock live chat support to ensure the results meet customers’ expectations.

Language Line Solutions

Language Line Solutions is a translation service company that was founded in 1982. The company is committed to using these services to break language and cultural barriers so that everyone is empowered. With the wealth of industry experience accumulated over the years, the company focuses on government, healthcare, and business. Over the years, the company has not only grown to become one of the largest translation services providers in the world but has also increased the number of services offered. Today, their services include translation, localization, interpretation, and training and testing, covering at least 240 languages.


Founded over 25 years ago, TransPerfect has been working to help businesses across the world to navigate the global marketplace. With a community of translators numbering over 5,000, the company offers a wide range of language services, delivering professional quality to clients. The comprehensive services cover over 170 languages and major industries such as finance, legal, energy, and government. TransPerfect has offices in 90 different locations across the globe and completes an average of 300,000 projects annually. Considering the quality of services they offer, it is no wonder they have received the relevant certifications and accolades.

Etcetera Language Group, Inc.

Etcetera Language Group, Inc. is a translation agency that has been in the industry since 1996. The company has always been focused on providing quality and accuracy in the translation industry; services that have helped people and businesses to transcend language and cultural limits. Etcetera offers document translation services for printed and digital documents in dozens of languages, making it possible for businesses in different industries to communicate with stakeholders. All projects are handled by native professionals to ensure top-quality and naturally flowing texts. Today, Etcetera Language Group, Inc. serves clients in the entire U.S.A and Europe.

Mars Translation

With accumulated experience of 17 years, Mars Translation has grown to become a leading translation agency and a one-stop globalization platform. The company has in excess of 6,000 native translators who are dedicated to providing exceptional quality of translation. With language services covering over 120 languages, you will get the right solution that is tailored to your needs. The ISO-certified Mars Translation provides a fast turnaround without compromising on quality. They cover 22 major industries, serving businesses around the world with brilliance and excellence.


Founded in 1996, Lionbridge has worked hard to compete with and outshine many of its rivals in the relatively short period it has been around. With the roots of the company, beginning in translation, Lionbridge believes in breaking barriers and building bridges. The over 500,000 experts in over 5,000 cities around the world offer top-quality services that cover over 350 languages. As an ISO-certified company, Lionbridge places great value on quality and consistency. Overall, the company has completed upwards of 4,000 projects in 250 different industries, with the number of translated units standing at 3.5 billion.


Through intelligent translation services, SDL has been offering quality translation services for over 27 years. To ensure the success of its customers, the company uses human translation as well as high technology to enhance the quality of the translated content. SDL covers about 100 languages and serves clients in ten major industries. These services are not only meant to help you reach a global audience but also organize your content in such a way that you are prepared for the future. Today, the company boasts of having worked with 90 of the top 100 global companies.

Day Translations

Since it was founded in 2000, Day Translations has been helping businesses to connect to the world in an accurate, efficient, and professional way. The company provides high-quality translation services with a powerful human touch so you can keep your target audience engaged. With a network of over 10,000 international linguists, Day Translations will work on your project to ensure you avoid the costly mistakes that could happen during translation. Whether you are a small business start-up or a Fortune 500 company seeking to expand, Day Translations will deliver fast and flawless translations.


ALTA, an employee-owned language services company, has been helping people and businesses to communicate across barriers in language and culture. Since 1980, the company has provided industry-leading language services in over 100 different languages. Today, the ISO-certified translation company uses innovative language solutions to ensure a fast turnaround, exceptional quality, and high accuracy. Some of the values that ALTA stands for are integrity, expertise, exceptional service, meaningful connections, innovation, and exceptional service. This has seen the company provide translation services to some of the leading brands in the world.

Bureau Translations

Bureau Translation was founded in 2005 and has since grown to become one of the best translation services companies in the world. Bureau Translations has a team of competent translators who have the skill sets to create top-notch and client-ready translations. The quality of services that the company offers, has seen it serve internationally renowned companies in different industries. Today, the company has offices in Brazil and the United States, making it easy for them to serve clients in the two locations.

Before choosing a translation service company, you should consider what your needs are. Ensure that the professionals at the company have the expertise and experience necessary to get you great results. A good company will serve clients from different industries and translate into dozens of languages at affordable rates.

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