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Every marketer knows the importance of a compelling brand story, but, it can be a bit tricky when it comes to B2B. The products or services in this realm aren’t typically considered flashy enough to generate especially entertaining videos, but this is a huge misconception. With a bit of creativity, everything from SaaS to marketing automation can be marketed in an engaging way.

In this post I’ve collected five examples of amazing B2B videos to inspire you to take your own content to the next level. I’ve also included companies of different sizes to showcase that clever B2B video can be found across the spectrum.

Let’s take a look shall we?


Taulia provides cloud-based invoice, payment, and dynamic discounting management solutions. Yep – it’s pretty B2B, and they’ve made a great video by parodying the award-winning commercial series “Get rid of cable” by Direct TV. In a funny worst-case-scenario deal, Taulia shows what can happen when you don’t use their services. The video not only delivers a laugh, but this kind of humorous take on a B2B solution can really get your customers feeling connected to your brand and helps you stand out in what can be a stuffy market.

Method CRM’s Entertaining Tutorial

The folks at Method CRM provide QuickBooks users with a fully customizable end-to-end financial CRM platform, and their dynamic how-to video is pretty cool. Instead of a dull demo where a techie goes through the product with a screenshare and a monotone voice, this tutorial features Errol, an energetic Method employee who’s varied intonation holds your attention. With Errol hosting, we go through a real-time example of adding a case with a pretend customer. This proves to be a far more engaging way to showcase the product how-to and is double purpose in that we all now feel perfectly comfortable reaching out to familiar Errol should we have any questions.

Key takeaway: How can you make your next demo or how-to video more engaging? Do you have an approachable, interesting host or the right scenario set up to keep prospects engaged? Think about what your viewers need to know and whether you have an entertaining way to showcase the info.

Deloitte Canada Hits the Lab for Predictions

Every year Deloitte shares their predictions for various industry sectors and this video is a good example of how they made their content even more engaging. Having their Senior Online Marketing Manager approach their Director of Research in the lab with questions was a fun idea. They’ve got a lot of interesting visuals, the sketch plays out on a great set, and Duncan Stuart makes an excellent video host with his compelling delivery. The video is short enough to keep you interested at just one minute and 43 seconds, and they’ve even mentioned a call to action for those who want to discover more of their predictions.

Takeaway: If you can present your research or predictions in a fun, visually stimulating way, it might keep your audience around longer! Keep your video short, but present your viewers with a way to stay engaged with a direct call to action at the perfect moment.


This awesome animated video from the marketing automation pros at Eloqua tells the story of Modern Mark. They’ve created a series of four episodes and a promotional trailer for this campaign, and its focus on customer pain points makes it incredibly relevant. The cute story and quirky copy (i.e. “it made sales as twitchy as a group of over-caffeinated squirrels”) keeps their target market engaged and addresses different needs throughout the funnel.

Takeaways: Don’t try to fit everything into one video! If you’re covering topics from targeting to conversion and analysis, break your videos into a series like Eloqua has done. Focus on one topic per video to keep your message clear. Episodic content like this is great for building an audience of subscribers and animation can be a very approachable medium for addressing a subject that may still be a bit intimidating to your target audience (i.e. marketing automation is huge and some folks are just getting started, but the animation and style of this video makes the subject very user friendly).

Overall, there are a ton of amazing B2B videos out there, these are just a few to get you thinking about how you can best present your brand material. If you’ve got some great examples, share them with us with a comment and a link to get the discussion going below!

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