Hootsuite, Salesforce, Gainsight and others recognized for innovative use of video

Kitchener, ON – October 20, 2015 – Vidyard, the video marketing and analytics leader, today announced the winners of the 2015 Video Marketing Awards (VMAs), recognizing modern marketing and sales teams that are using video content strategically to generate more revenue.

“Innovative marketers are increasingly using video to entertain and engage their audiences,” said Vidyard CEO and co-founder Michael Litt. “But what’s really exciting is that they aren’t stopping there. In addition to creating killer content, they are paying attention to engagement data, integrating with other marketing and sales tools, and driving real results for their businesses.”

Here are the winners and finalists in each VMA category:

Video Marketing Impact Award

Winner: Hootsuite

Finalists: Payscale, Pardee Homes / LJG Partners / Hapyak

Hootsuite was recognized for two creative and clever video campaigns that generated significant business impact. The first, “Game of Social Thrones,” increased brand awareness through social shares and media coverage of the video. It also increased traffic to Hootsuite’s YouTube channel, blog and Sign Up pages. In the second video, “Mean Tweets,” Hootsuite employees read mean tweets about its product user interface as a way to announce new updates.

Results: “Game of Social Thrones” was viewed nearly 1.5 million times and shared more than 53,000 times on social media. It was featured in articles in Time Magazine, Fast Company, Salon, AdAge and Adweek. “Mean Tweets” received more than 90,000 views.

Best Integrated Video Marketing Campaign

Winner: Gainsight

Finalists: Workfront, Tintri

Every year, Gainsight invests millions of dollars into Pulse, its conference for the customer success industry. The company built video into its event strategy to drive registrations, memorialize the experience of the event (on and off-stage) and host a post-event workshop to dive deeper into the most popular sessions.

Results: The videos increased awareness of Gainsight’s industry conference, drove registrations for the event, provided content for event follow-up communications and built momentum for next year’s conference. They also created net new leads for the sales funnel, helped take deals off the table as a result of the conference and drove a high NPS score for the event.

Sales and Marketing Alignment Award

Winner: Zuora

Finalists: Esna, Matthews Asia

Zuora produced customer testimonial videos on its most significant deals to share with potential customers as well as to inspire and motivate the sales team.

Results: The videos were so effective at inspiring sales that the sales team started producing its own videos to share with customers. They have embraced the idea that a video creates a personal connection, regardless of its quality.

Video Marketing Tech Stack Award

Winner: Lattice Engines

Finalists: Cetera Financial, LeadMD

Lattice Engines uses video extensively throughout the buying journey and has invested in a technology stack that enables them to maximize engagement in content, track viewers to improve lead scoring and nurturing, empower sales with customer insights and understand the ROI of video investments. Lattice Engines creates its videos and uploads them into Vidyard, which integrates with Marketo to enable them to score leads and create interesting moments that are synched with Salesforce. Lattice Engines also uses campaigns in Salesforce so they can use Full Circle Insights to see which videos influence the pipeline and at which stage. They use that information to tag videos to share with the sales team to pass on to customers and prospects through KnowledgeTree, its sales enablement tool. Lattice Engines then amplifies the videos’ reach on social with GaggleAMP and Hootsuite through email via Marketo.

Results: Lattice Engines measures results in terms of awareness/engagement and demand generation. Its holiday video averaged 80 percent viewership. Its predictive lead scoring explainer video was 75-percent viewed by 65 percent of viewers. Emails with videos have a 38-percent higher open rate. They see 107 percent more clicks when video is in an email, and a 98 percent increase in click-to-open when video is included.

Best Explainer, Infographic or Whiteboard Video

Winner: Ceridian

Finalists: LinkedIn, Trans Union / Diaz & Cooper

When Ceridian launched its new application for time, attendance and payroll management, the company’s marketing team needed to showcase how effective it was in a way that resonated on a human level. Over five weeks, Ceridian developed and revised scripts, created storyboards and animations, and engaged a video production company collaborate with Ceridian’s product marketers. The result was “The Jenny Video.”

Results: Sales reps immediately began using the video throughout the sales cycle, often as the first contact point with a customer. It was featured at Ceridian’s customer conference and on the company’s website. To date, the video has received thousands of views on YouTube and social media networks. Direct marketing campaigns have generated another 12,000 views, helping improve Ceridian’s brand recognition and reputation for innovation. Ceridian credits “The Jenny Video” with helping generate more than 4,000 leads.

Big Bang, Small Budget Award

Winner: Salesforce

Finalists: Invoca, Xenex Disinfection Services LLC

Salesforce has empowered different teams within the company to produce video content in-house based in the needs of the business unit. Many are done on minimal or no budget but still have significant impact on lead flow, pipeline, revenue and customer success. The Salesforce entry featured two videos:

Dan Stone in solutions engineering created a product demo video to help increase sales and improve product awareness among small business customers. In less than eight minutes, the video explains the key product benefits, something that would normally take an account executive half an hour. Stone produced the video from beginning to end using Keynote, Photoshop, Final Cut Pro X, a USB microphone and a 15-inch Macbook Pro Retina display.

Results: Salesforce used Vidyard to track video views and then contact customers at strategic times. In the first two quarters of this year, the video received 4,422 unique views and influenced $992,000 in sales.

Clayton Talmon in market readiness created a video to help Salesforce customers and prospects understand the Salesforce University DNA and to drive interest in the new offering.

Results: Talmon’s video was launched at Dreamforce and helped drive significant interest and leads for the Salesforce University program.

Breakout Video Marketer of the Year

Winner: BenefitMall

Finalists: iZettle, Redi-Rock International

BenefitMall recognized the importance of using video throughout the buying journey to generate new leads, nurture prospects and close more deals. Over the past 12 months the Company developed a structured and strategic approach to its video marketing efforts. They create a well-defined list of video assets needed for each stage of the buying journey and produced targeted videos for marketing and sales, including product feature videos, whiteboard videos, a high-quality product commercial and a short product demo.

Results: The videos significantly helped drive new leads and close existing ones. The company’s new product was expanded to a national market and today has more than 2,200 active group and broker users, which BenefitMall credits in part to the video campaign.

Video Marketing Trailblazer Award

Winner: Act-On

Finalists: Anthem Inc, Bisk Education

Act-On has embraced a wide-ranging video marketing strategy and use of video to drive lead flow and demand generation results. They made video an integral part of the website in 2015. They built a video resource library to encourage visitors to engage and convert. They use video calls-to-action to generate leads.


Act-On has generated over 20,000 video leads in the last 12 months, accounting for over $25 million in opportunities
On-demand demo video is the most-clicked and best converting CTA on the company’s home page, accounting for more than 100 leads per week
Act-On’s video hub has produced more than 1,000 leads since launching in February. It’s a new lead source for the company
Act-On has increased visitor-to-lead conversion rates for key product pages by over 100 percent on average by incorporating video CTAs

To learn more about the winners and view the videos from the winners, visit https://www.vidyard.com/blog/best-best-2015-video-marketing-awards/.

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