Over the past decade, many technological advances have been focused around communication. It seems as though there is a trendy new way to contact and speak with friends, family, and customers every year. This can make it difficult for small businesses to decide where they should focus their marketing strategies.

Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and many of the more popular trendy social and sharing sites are all powerful marketing tools. Not to mention print, snail mail, television, radio and more traditional options. With a seemingly endless list of marketing options, many small business owners stretch their efforts too thin, failing to focus enough in one or a few areas to be successful.

5 Reasons to Implement an SMS Marketing Strategy

So which option has proven to be consistently effective, inexpensive, flexible, easy to use and far-reaching? Few, if any, other marketing tools check all of these boxes with proven results like SMS marketing. More commonly known as text marketing. SMS marketing provides efficient marketing solutions that are specifically beneficial for small businesses. Below are just a few of the reasons why it should be included and utilized in your marketing efforts.

1. Visibility

Email is a cornerstone of many digital marketing strategies. But the vast majority of marketing emails are never read. Even if they manage to make it through the ever-increasing sophistication of spam detectors, many consumers know how to spot them just from the subject and delete them without even opening.

On the other hand, almost everyone reads their text messages within a few moments (or even seconds) of them being sent. In fact, text messages have an open rate of 98%, meaning your mass text marketing messages are almost sure to be seen.

2. Affordability

As a business owner, the cost is likely a major factor in any decision you make. Specifically for newer small businesses, the sheer cost of a modern marketing strategy can seem overwhelming. While many digital marketing efforts are more affordable and accessible for entrepreneurs, even just a few Facebook ads and SEO efforts can drain your budget.

However, you can have greater results for a lower cost with a good text marketing campaign. Whether you do it yourself or utilize an affordable service like Textback. Your marketing dollars will likely go further using a SMS marketing strategy than any other.

3. Easy to Use

Because of the efficiency, popularity and high return rates of mass text marketing, there has been an increased effort to further the technology used for it. Meaning it is easier than ever to implement an SMS marketing strategy.

AI SMS marketing provides sophisticated techniques for reaching your target audience. It does this by utilizing 2-way SMS communication and AI responders. It is also easier to assess the efficiency of your efforts with the analytical data that can be easily gathered via automated SMS communication.

4. Flexibility

Few other marketing tools offer the flexibility and customization options of mass text marketing. You can offer discount codes, provide links to a new product, announce sales, reward customer loyalty and countless other useful options in a text message.

You also have the ability to quickly make changes to your efforts without having to completely overhaul your entire strategy.

5. Scope

Almost everyone uses text messages, and it has become one of the most common forms of communication in this era. With that being the case, your marketing messages can reach just about anyone via text. You can cast a wide net, or focus your efforts on a specific target audience.

Even though SMS has now become a standard form of communication. It may be that we are still only scratching the surface of marketing potential for SMS. While it comes with many other benefits, the visibility, affordability, ease, flexibility, and scope of text marketing have already made it a powerful mainstay of the advertising world.

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