Four Classic Signs That Suggest you Should Be Moving On From Your Current Job

Sometimes, you might be glad that you have a job and a regular income but there also going to be moments where you think that you are not getting the credit or the opportunities you deserve. Maybe you are considering moving on from your job?

The current employment market is very active in terms of creating the chance to take your career on a different path and with a much broader outlook such as providing job training for autistic adults, for example, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t consider a move if you feel underwhelmed by your current role.

Here is a look at some of the classic signs that are telling you to consider searching for a new job opportunity.

You are not being challenged in your current role

This is the main reason most people consider moving on from their job. It is not always that great to coast along in a role that doesn’t make the most of your strengths and boredom can soon set in when you are not being challenged enough and your specific skills are not being deployed.

The first thing to do in this situation is to talk to your employer and see if they can find you a position within the company that is better aligned to your strengths.

If the answer is no, you may want to decide to find an employer that can offer you that scenario.

You are not connected with your work colleagues

Another classic sign that you are stuck in a rut is when you no longer feel that you are on the same page as your work colleagues.

Think back to when you first started and were excited to share the vision that the company presented to you at your interview. If that seems a distant dream you should do something about it.

You have started to blame yourself

It is not unusual to pin some of the blame on yourself for your disaffection with the current job you seem to now be enduring rather than enjoying.

You may well have to shoulder some of the blame for underperforming because of a lack of interest but a potential reason why you are feeling like this would be that you are no longer happy with your job.

No chance to advance

Being overlooked for a promotion that you felt qualified to earn is often the catalyst for taking decisive action and looking for another employment opportunity.

When you see little chance of career progression with your current employer and you are not taking on new responsibilities or acquiring new skills you should question whether there are likely to be more exciting and rewarding opportunities available elsewhere.

There is little doubt that having long-term goals can often help you to maintain a focus at work and even if you are not overly ambitious when it comes to career progression it probably won’t help your mood and career if you don’t look to move on from your current job.

If any of these classic signs apply to your current work situation, isn’t it time to take some positive action?

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