Video content is among the most widely used mediums for companies today, and even for good reason. Video is much more engaging, more memorable, and much more well-liked by consumers than any other kind of content.

And there’s data to back that up, too!

For instance, are you aware that 76% of companies say video helps them increase sales? Or that 80% of marketers say video has elevated time spent online?

Now we&rsquore searching that will help you increase brand awareness and revenue while using highly-engaging format of video. Regardless of what industry or vertical you&rsquore in, video will help you market your business in fresh and efficient ways.

Let&#8217s join in!

Using video happy to increase brand awareness then sell your products

Below is really a gently-edited transcript from the Buffer Podcast episode #125 for the studying pleasure.

Table of Contents

Part I: Where to start with video content

Part II: Developing entertaining and unique product video ideas

Part III: Creating your brand’s video “commercial”

Hailley: As marketers and business proprietors, probably the most common roadblocks we face is attempting to drive engagement and traffic around our key products. It&rsquos common across Business to business and B2C! We believe that video is among the the easy way solve that challenge.

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John: The stats supporting the effectiveness of video marketing continue.

81% of individuals happen to be convinced to purchase a service or product by watching a brandname&#8217s video.

85% of individuals say they&#8217d want to see more video from brands in 2018.

And obtain this, when both video and text can be found on a single page, 72% of individuals would prefer to use video to discover a service or product.


Hailley: Obviously, the main question we obtain about video (and something we battled with previously) is: where will i start?

How to start with video content

We&rsquove spoken about using video on social networking in episodes 90 and 110, but we&rsquove never really become in to the more knowledge about using video to complete probably the most essential things for the business &#8211 really selling your products.

John: It&rsquos what pays the debts after-all.

Everything we&rsquore going to share pertains to selling your product or service with video. These videos may then be shares on social media, obviously, along with your website, squeeze pages, blogs, etc, etc.

So with this being stated, let&rsquos get began with the initial video principal which&rsquos showing your products for action.

Showing your products for action

Hailley: Among the best steps you can take to improve the prosperity of your videos would be to help people visualize what their lives could be as with your products.

Giving viewers a sneak look of the product could be a nice visual companion to some website landing page or description of product.

Showing your products for action can make your video more interesting for users to look at. Additionally, it helps make the video valuable since it shows us the way the product works and just what don’t be surprised in tangible existence.

John: First factor you think of this is a product tutorial.

Utilizing product tutorials

Surprisingly, people LOVE product tutorials almost anyplace possible them. Social networking, your site, YouTube, take your pick.

Just consider BuzzFeed tasty as well as their recipes. That&rsquos basically a tutorial increased to really make it fun. Speeding some misconception does appear to ensure they are more enjoyable!

Hailley: The good thing of tutorials or explainer videos, is it helps you to move people rapidly lower the funnel into buyer consideration.

Again another argument for the strength of video. Rather of studying 1,000 words on why your products works or why people should purchase it, they are able to see a 15 second video and obtain the very same quantity of information.

John: The final a couple of things I&#8217ll say about tutorial videos is one, they help to sell your product without sounding like it’s a sales pitch. You&rsquore simply showing them the way the product works, not to imply &ldquohey buy my product.&#8221

A great example from company MuleSoft:

The 2nd factor is they work with both physical services and products. With services, it&rsquos a little tougher to exhibit for action, but you will get creative with such things as Q&ampAs, ask professionals, an academic series, and much more.

You just need some brainstorming to spread out in the options.

Featuring customer testimonials

Hailley: Next, should you&rsquore searching to market your service with video content, would be to create customer testimonials.

For those who have raving fans who’re always singing your praises, or perhaps other skillfully developed who’d gladly provide your business a testimonial, then they are an incredible accessory for your overall video content strategy.

What customer testimonials assistance to do is show evidence of demand, that is a valuable kind of social proof showing others you have plenty of happy, satisfied customers.

John: As numerous individuals know, social proof is completely critical in selling your products.

Studies show nearly 70 % of internet consumers consider a product review before you make an order.

Much more telling is always that product critiques are 12-occasions more reliable than product descriptions and purchasers copy from manufacturers.

Hailley: Customer testimonials don&rsquot need to be anything too fancy.

Even something simple like shooting a relevant video quite happy with your clients in-store and asking their most favorite products or opinions, after which mashing in the results into one video could work great for this function.

Or you might incentivize individuals to give back a relevant video review with coupons and prizes. Or host a tournament on social networking.

John:&nbspAt the finish during the day, all readers need to know is your product can (and can) solve their specific problem.

Among the best ways prove this really is by creating situation study videos which include your satisfied, loyal customers. This type of person your very best advocates.

Developing entertaining and different product video ideas

Hailley: Moving forward within our video journey, let&rsquos discuss using entertainment and creativeness in product videos which help to market your products.

Once we discuss constantly, online audiences love short, snackable content.

With this particular shorter format, you may create entertaining videos which make your audience laugh or get inspired or take an action.

It&rsquos remember this with entertaining videos, that they must be created as a part of a larger campaign, showcasing your company&rsquos high-level vision, mission, or services and products.

John:&nbspRight. Which&rsquos the important thing part. We&rsquore not to imply to get out there and produce the next viral animal video content, but we all do believe there’s a method to get creative with video with the aim of attracting a crowd that’ll be thinking about purchasing your product or service.

Naturally, that begins with an understanding of your core audience. Research where they spend time online. Where they shop. The things they watch and pay attention to. The things they purchase and just what keeps them up during the night.

I understand that sounds creepy, but there’s a lot information online today it&rsquos easy to know your audience on the granular level.

Hailley: Knowing that, you may create videos that the audience will love watching &#8211 videos which will imprint your brand in their eyes and them returning for more.

And So I realize that all sounds hypothetical right now, and that’s why we&rsquove collected a couple of types of what that may seem like.

An excellent the first is Starbucks that produced a lovely animated video series known as first and Primary. The recording series entertains the crowd and showcases Starbucks like a &lsquothe third place&rsquo between work and home.

John:&nbspThere&rsquos another example I saw lately from the company known as LucidChart. LucidChart is really a software system that enables companies to visualise charts. Plus they produced this amusing video content about different of snakes (or the things they call &#8220sneks&#8221) and named them a variety of funny things:

Also it&rsquos not before the very finish from the video where they finally say, &ldquovisualize your sneks and other things with LucidChart.&rdquo

It&rsquos just brilliant and proves how entertaining videos can capture your audience’s attention making them want for more information.

Hailley: The main factor here’s that videos such as these work simply because they help make your brand non-intrusive, plus they allow you to enjoy your audience. Regardless of what kind of business you’re, this sort of content is an ideal method to strengthen brand rapport.

And also the last point here’s to understand that while entertainment videos aren&rsquot always the most powerful content for that bottom level of the funnel, they are ideal for the interest stage from the buyer&rsquos journey. And essential part!

John: I believe a lot of us attempt to skip that attention/awareness stage also it becomes tough to help make the purchase lower the street.

But anyways, quick summary. We&rsquove spoken about tutorials, testimonials, and entertainment, but we haven&rsquot covered one which I believe is vital for brands with regards to advertising, which&rsquos your &ldquocommercial&rdquo for insufficient a much better word.

Creating your brand&#8217s video &#8220commercial&#8221

Think Dollar Shave Club or Chatbooks &#8211 videos that went viral, but nonetheless concentrate on the organization&#8217s core product.

Hailley: Your branded company video or commercial as if you stated, John, could be anything you want so that it is. Which may be used to sell your products almost anyplace.

They may be funny, emotional, or inspirational and are an easy way to portray your products within an artistic way or link it to particular lifestyle.

Much like what we should were speaking about with showing your products for action, this combines all that.

John:&nbspIn order to produce a compelling brand video you&rsquoll wish to make certain it tells some sort of story with a beginning middle and end.

You will be able to communicate a coherent narrative through images, footage, and straightforward editing.

What’s your company about? Who’re the folks which use your products? How about your products makes their lives better? Why are they going to choose your products over another?

Hailley: Exactly however it&rsquos vital that you not merely provide individuals with a bullet point listing of reasons of why your products is excellent.

You need to convey your brand message in a manner that is creative and doesn&rsquot seem sales-y.

That Chatbooks example you pointed out is a useful one. Rather of claiming &ldquohey, you may create beautiful photo albums within a few minutes because our product causes it to be simpler than our competitors.&rdquo

They have a Mother inside a house filled with children and why She’d utilize it.

John: Videos bring the merchandise to existence in a manner that wouldn&rsquot well be achievable.

It&rsquos also super relatable for moms and dads!

Okay so a couple of quick tips about the recording article marketing process prior to going:

First is the fact that shorter is generally better. Unless of course you&rsquore diving right into a complicated tutorial, shorter is better when it comes to most things on social media, which&rsquos true for many video too.

Hailley: Based on exactly what the video is, you’ll have different maximum time lengths you can get away with. A purely marketing product video? Twenty seconds or fewer is better. Should you&rsquore developing a video tutorial, one minute is a great point, but when it&rsquos really appropriate you can move up close to one minute and a few seconds.

Another factor to bear in mind, and that i know we seem like damaged records here, but most videos are watched on mobile devices.

Make your videos in square or vertical format to make certain it feels and looks indigenous to the woking platform you’re posting to.

John:&nbspFinally, we advise remaining nimble and seeking a lot of various kinds of video content.

Then chances are you most likely won&rsquot strike gold together with your first product video.

Keep experimenting with formats, style, content, styles, and tales before you locate one that resonates together with your audience. You are able to rapidly test the performance on social networking organically or with ads, which is what we all do at Buffer.

Hailley: Hopefully that 2019 may be the year where video content marketing turns into a staple a part of your general online marketing strategy.

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