6 Ways Freelancers can Enhance their Online Presence to Grow more Business

The world of freelance work continues to grow!  This means every freelancer needs to find ways to stand out online.  In this post, we share six ways freelancers can enhance their online presence to grow more business.

1. Make your work stand out and showcase your portfolio

It would help if you didn’t judge a book by its cover. However, it’s a harsh reality that people consider your work by the branding – especially if you are a designer or a marketing professional.

When your potential clients look at your portfolio, what’s going to be the first thing they see will be your logo, font choice, graphics, etc. At that moment, they will decide whether they want to work with you now or in the future. A mediocre branding with no defining features will immediately be disregarded in favor of something more memorable. If you are wondering about tips that can help your work stand out, here you can find suggestions.

It will help your business if most of your interaction on your social network activity involves connecting and communicating with other professionals or showcasing your work. In the 21st century, you should listen to people who say ‘showing off is not good.’ If you have an accomplishment, you should use your social media to expose your best work or mentioning your successes. Be sure to mention your contact info so potential customers can get in touch with you about their own upcoming projects.

2. Team up with others

There are certain times that one hand cannot clap. Suppose you are having trouble growing your business. In that case, you should join forces with another freelancer or small business owner in a collaborative effort. If you collaborate, you can benefit from each other’s professional network. You can join forces by inviting other freelancers to your webinar, or you might exchange tips in each other’s blogs or Facebook Groups.  These collaborations increase your reach and are an effective way freelancers can enhance their online business reach.

3. Start paying for social media ads

Since you are a seasoned freelancer, we assume that you already have a professional social media presence. If you haven’t got one yet, here, you can find tips about the topic. Considering you already have social media profiles, we would like to suggest making investments in social media ads to make your work more visible to your audience.

Since starting an account on social media is free. It is an excellent place for independent professionals to find clients. Getting hands-on experience about social media is pretty beneficial, especially if you are new to promoting your business on these platforms. However, after you get some experience, you should consider setting aside a small budget for advertising. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest offer paid advertising that can be highly profitable for your work. You can also put your ad campaign costs in your freelancing budget. To calculate how much you should charge after ad investments, check the freelance hourly calculator. 

4. Start your podcast (Or be a guest!)

There is no doubt we are living in a podcast age. If you are online, it’s impossible to miss this podcast trend. We assume that you’ve also listened to a podcast or two.

Because podcasts are more personal than social media posts since listeners can even listen to your voice. Podcasts enable you to present your expertise to a delighted audience. If you have a chance, try getting featured or interviewed on other freelancer’s podcasts in your niche. A good interview can get your name out there and boost your business.

5. Start writing a blog

A blog can be beneficial for advertising your work and can be an effective way freelancers can enhance their online presence. Try to attract more people to your website by creating exciting content, and link this content to your portfolio or contact page. If you want to perfect your customer’s digital media journey, you should use social media with your blog together. Connect your social media to your blog so that these two can work better together.

Blogging can increase the amount of traffic you get to your portfolio site, resulting in more clients. Also, there is no doubt that when you are blogging, you share your ideas professionally, and you build credibility. You should show your experience, build your reputation, and increase demand for your work by writing a blog.

6. Post specials or promos

To increase the amount of business you get from social media is to create exclusive offers or run eye-catching deals. For example, you can post a promo code via your social media accounts to announce 10% off marketing services for projects booked that week. Or you can run a giveaway campaign where a potential client wins a free website design.

These six ways freelancers can enhance their online presence can help generate more business.  The key is to consider them all, experiment and find the ways that work best for your business, and go deeper into those areas.

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