Affordable In-House Marketing for Small Business

Marketing can seem like a daunting task when you’re running a small business. In reality, this doesn’t have to be the case, though, as there are many ways for small business owners to do in-house marketing of their product or service without spending loads of money, hiring experts, or chasing other, often inaccessible avenues. What are some of the best ways for small businesses today to get the word out without having to spend an arm and a leg? Here are five, great tips for accomplishing just that.

Utilize Affordable Media-Makers

One of the foremost methods for small businesses to advertise on a budget, and even in-house, is via various in-house media-making hardware such as printers, copiers, and business computers. While utilizing its own equipment, the business can certainly undercut the costs of any similar work offered by an outside service. However, costs here can pile up as well.

To prevent excessive costs associated with in-house media-making efforts, the business should always do its best to employ top-rated, cost-efficient machines. There are many possibilities out there, like a refurbished Xerox 3100 press capable of producing a wide variety of print media. Research before you buy to see what types of other refurbished and cost-reduced options are available when it’s time to purchase that equipment.

Offer Product Samples

Not all businesses offer a product or service that is easily sampled in small portions, but many others do have that capability. For those that can, sampling has been shown to truly provide some excellent results with regard to marketing. Samples should also come with some sort of attached media directing potential patrons to the business.

Offer Product Coupons

Coupons are a proven draw for many customers and in many business formats. These helpful lures can be distributed in numerous forms, including electronically and in physical form, and are often virtually cost-free to produce. Physical coupons, however, often carry a much further effect, coming into contact with more people than just a digital discount.

Utilize Events

Events are yet another great way to gain exposure and market one’s products and services. Attending various events as a business can come at a slight cost or be completely free, depending on the event. Holding one’s own event often provides a low to no-cost solution as well. Concerts, sporting events, chamber of commerce events, and seasonal and holiday events all make for great options to consider.

Start Blogging and YouTubing

Finally, many small businesses find great success by utilizing YouTube and blogs. With the YouTube option, one can simply create videos and post them to YouTube and throughout their own website and social media accounts for exposure. With blogging, one can simply start up an ongoing blog at their existing business website so as to attract further attention. Written well, blogs can generate significant webpage traffic and subsequent, potential customers as an effective in-house marketing strategy.

Marketing is an important function for most businesses today. For small businesses and others aiming to keep costs low, there is still a powerful array of tools and methods for getting your message out there. In that very spirit, the above-mentioned approaches represent some of those highly effective, low-cost options for effective small business in-house marketing today.

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