Part One: Introduction

“Recently I changed my computer to Windows PC. Initially, there were no issues. But now when I try to Open MOV files, then the file footage seems distorted while some other files show compatibility issue. Now I am getting frustrated, what to do?”

Such issues are common when you are dealing with playing MOV files on a Windows-based PC or device. Playing a MOV file may need additional codecs such as 3iVX or others. So, if file footage distorts as in the above case, then you should try to convert videos to a device-friendly format such as WMV. Also, converting MOV to WMV will help you sort out the system storage issue as it will occupy lesser space than MOV videos.

This article will teach how you can convert MOV to WMV file format in simple and easy steps through two popular methods.

So, are you ready to begin?

Part Two: Online UniConverter to convert MOV to WMV

Taking the help of some online tool will be beneficial when you are not willing to go with some desktop version. Besides, the online platform is quite handy, as it is accessible from any device with an Internet connection.

In this section, our prime focus will be on the Online UniConverter from the house of Wondershare Technologies. We included the software since it not only gives you excellent performance but also provides services for free of cost. So, without giving any second thought, you can easily select this option, available at a single click.

Now, here is the step by step guide on how to convert MOV to WMV using Online UniConverter toolkit:

Step 1:Visit the Online UniConverter site to upload file

To start, you can open the online web browser from

As the page loads, click on Add file option using (+) symbol, or else directly apply drag-drop facility.

Step 2: Select format as WMV

Once file uploading is complete, you need to select the final file format as WMV. You are free to use either the Convert all files option or the drop-down option next to uploaded file to choose the final file format.

Step 3:Convert the file and download it

After the above step, press the Convert button to start the conversion. As the conversion completes, press the Download option to save at the chosen location on your system.

Now, you can enjoy playing your converted WMV format on your Windows PC without any issue.

Part Three: Professional converter, UniConverter (Desktop)

An online platform like Online UniConverter is an excellent option to convert MOV to WMV, especially if the file size you need to convert is not significant. However, for other cases, as in bulk files, if you want to edit files or if you have massive data, you need some advanced software version.

In such cases, the UniConverter (Desktop) gives you more comprehensive options. UniConverter (Desktop) is one of the best video converters that relays high performance and more exceptional user support system. It gives you many ranges of options to deal with video and audio editing, their conversion, transferring of files, downloading media from online means, and many more. So, if you need professional software, then the desktop Uniconverter from Wondershare is the best choice.

Want to know more about this versatile software?  Then read on to know the required steps that you need to use for converting MOV to WMVwith UniConverter (Desktop):

Step 1:Upload files from the system

After opening the UniConverter (Desktop), visit the convert section and upload your MOV files from the system by clicking Add Files tab.

Step 2:Set WMV as the format

Now to set WMV as the format, go to “Convert all files to” tab and visit the Video section. From there, choose WMV as the final format.

Step 3:Start converting MOV to WMV format

Next, you need to click the Convert All button from bottom end side, and a progress bar will reflect the starting of the conversion.

After the files get converted, click on the folder option from the bottom of the interface. Or visit the Converted tab to see all the converted files and track the location where they are saved.

UniConverter (Desktop) gives you a powerful platform to perform any conversion that covers more than 1000 plus formats. So, without worrying about compatibility, you can use this tool to get the best-optimized result with high quality.

Part 4:The difference between Online and Desktop

Well, both the methods specialize in the conversion of audio and video format, however, there are some significant differences between them as well.

The difference between the two is due to the limitations of one or the other method. So to understand on what terms they differ from one another, here is a short comparison below:

1:The online video converter though gives a wide choice of formats, but they all come withlimitations.

The desktop version brings more choice of formats, 1000+ formats to choose from.

2: One can convert a file upto the size of 100 MB only for free with an online platform.

Withthe Desktop version, you get complete freedom to convert any size of the file.

3:If the Internet connection is not fast enough, then uploading and downloading an online software takes time.

In the Desktop version,there is no need to wait. The file gets uploaded and downloaded with fast speed.

These are some of the differences that arise out between the two platforms. So choose patiently as per your need.

Part 5: More info about Wondershare Technology

Wondershare Technology is the most trusted global leader in Audio/Video/ Software Technology with having an experience of more than ten years. During these years, it has put efforts to bring an advanced version of its tools and techniques that reflects with its product bases such as Filmora, UniConverter, or others. It is not only a community based innovative solution provider, but one of the prime member in application software development field. Its support system is entirely secure with dedicated multi-language live support and a sizeable satisfied user-base.

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