How to Design Crazy Compelling Startup Logos

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How can you start your business without a logo? It’s the one thing that you will have that allows people to make a positive impression of your business.

The design of the logo is going to matter especially as your startup turns into a powerhouse of a business.

You want to make sure that you make the right impression the first time. Read on to discover how to create startup logos that will generate interest from consumers and investors alike.

What is Your Startup About?

At the center of your logo is your brand. This is where startup founders get lost. They design a logo that they think is cool or has personal meaning to them.

The thing is, the logo has to represent something greater than your target audiences can relate to and connect with.

There’s a bond that’s created between your company and your audience over time. The stronger that bond is, the more powerful your logo becomes.

You need to start your design by understanding your audience and knowing what your company stands for. The logo is the visual bridge between the two.

How to Design Startup Logos

The design of a logo is really the interaction between a few elements and how they each convey emotion.

For example, round shapes can convey if your company is approachable. Text can convey if your startup is a modern company.

Colors can convey anything from security and trust to happiness. As you’re designing, you need to make sure you make the right choices for the emotion you want your audience to feel.

Create Sketches of Ideas

Now that you know how the elements of logo design interact with each other, it’s time to put some ideas down on paper.

Sketch out a few ideas to start the creative process. You can use a graphic design tool that will help you with the design process.

Your most important choice is going to be the color. That’s what people will notice and process first when they look at the logo. 

You may have one color that you know will work, but don’t know what the RGB codes are. You can use a color picker from image. That will give you the right codes you need to create your logo.

Testing Your Logo

You want to make sure that you have your startup logo right. It’s unlikely that you’ll get it right the first time. Show your initial ideas to important stakeholders in your company, such as employees and investors.

You may want to ask trusted customers for their opinions. You’ll get feedback so you can revise the logo until it’s perfect.

You’ll also want to test it out in different formats. It’s going to be used in a variety of places from banners to social media accounts. Make sure that it will look sharp and consistent across all formats.

Creating Startup Logos

When you’re creating a business, you have to place importance on creating an amazing logo. Startup logos can convey that you mean business to investors, employees, and customers.

These tips will help you get started in creating an outstanding logo. Do you want more great marketing tips? Check out the blog often for more articles.


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