This interview reveals how easy it is to tap in to the Trillion dollar eCom industry – with tips from Sean Donahoe, who’s not only done it himself – but helped thousands of others too!

Watch this exclusive interview below

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This interview covers a lot and is well worth spending 30 minutes to watch it.   As there was quite a bit that we covered I’ve noted down a few of the key points in case you want to re-listen to them and find them a little easier.

  • 1:16 Sean Donahoe’s eCom background
  • 2:44 Sean talks about how he got into eCommerce
  • 4:05 Sean defines dropshipping
  • 4:09 Sean talks about  being the middle man, taking the order, informing the warehouse to deliver it to a customer.
  • 4:44 Sean talks about his transition into the online art world, creating the biggest art supplies site online
  • 6:25 How he took it to the next level, simplifying, streamlining, optimizing profits
  • 6:35 Sean discusses ShopABot and how it ties in with eCommerce
  • 7:07 Cindy and Sean discuss the size of the market, being a 2.3 trillion dollar industry in 2017 projected to grow to 4.1 trillion dollars and will almost double by 2020
  • 7:47 Sean says this is the prime time to get into eCommerce
  • 8:09 How shopping habits have changed (in favor of ecom) and how physical stores are combatting this
  • 9:26 Discussing some of the common myths around eCommerce
  • 12:09 Sean talks about building systems to simplify the process
  • 13:39 How to build traffic that doesn’t leave you relying on outside sources
  • 14:47 SD – Being systems people, you are always looking for the smarter way (not shortcut) because we value our time
  • 17:34 Sean discussed how to avoid trading money for time
  • 18:45 Cindy, talking about the smart step from ShopABot members to add eCommerce into their income streams
  • 19:23 SD – The biggest mistakes people make in eCommerce
  • 20:00 SD – Toys R Us closure and why that happened (not able to be flexible)
  • 21:19 SD – Simplification, automation, streamlining. If you overcomplicate things you won’t be flexible to changes
  • 21:41 Sean:  Importance of testing your products. Do proper research on the products you are selling, to make sure people want them.
  • 22:10 SD – Marketing to your existing customers
  • 24:30 Special training in partnership with CD happening on Thursday, showing behind the scenes, cloning one of his popular funnels in under 10 minutes. From deploying one of his stores to testing orders, doing the whole process.
  • 25:01 How Sean uses simple 2 page eCommerce funnels done in a special way
  • 25:38 How he is finding the sweet spot, making 2-400% profit on every product
  • 26:50 The difference between Amazon and eCommerce
  • 28:30 The special bonus training session with Sean on Thursday
  • 28:51 What will be covered in the training, setting up a store in under 10 minutes, etc. And how it is the next step, beyond Amazon, Shopify, etc. The next generation of smart commerce.
  • 29:26 SD – Talks about focused smart commerce as opposed to dumb commerce.
  • 29:55 Showcase announcement about the $5.5 million in profit using eCommerce with his system, and break it down to see what’s under the hood.
  • 30:10 Wrapping it up

If you’ve got any questions for Sean or myself come and join the live session!  We’ll be there to talk all things eCommerce – so get all of your questions answered and get clear on a much easier path into eCommerce.