Marketers live in challenging times. Our messages compete with 2,900 others daily for the attention of their customers and prospects. Inboxes are becoming more cluttered with the average person interacting with 121 emails each day.

That’s why we need new tools to stand out, get noticed, and keep our audience engaged. One of these tools is personalized video which has been proven to make a big impact, increasing email conversion by 500% or more!

Personalized video was typically an outbound tool

Personalized Video takes audience engagement to the next level by adding things like your viewer’s name, company, title or logo directly into a video—creating a truly unique/relevant experience.

Typically organizations have been using personalized video in their outbound campaigns. This involved identifying which leads to target with the campaign. Once all the key information of a lead (their name, company name, and maybe email or phone number) was collected, it would be inserted into the personalized video, then the completed video, with all the personalized elements, was sent to the targeted lead.

But what if I told you that you could now create personalized videos for leads you hadn’t even identified yet …

In Vidyard’s Spring 2018 update we are excited to introduce our powerful new real-time personalization feature.

Real-time? What does that even mean?

So this means you’ll be able to personalize ANY viewer experience, in real time, regardless of the channel. Making personalized video your new inbound staple, you’ll be able to personalize a video for brand new leads, the moment they fill out a form on your site. Creating an engaging & unique experience for web visitors at a pivotal moment when you’re top of mind, increasing conversion rates and helping you generate more leads

Is this different from your other personalized video tool?

Real-time personalization is an enhancement to the power of personalized videos. You’ll now have the choice once you’ve created a personalized video to use it for an outbound campaign (like our holiday video) or with the help of real-time personalization use it for inbound purposes to create a unique experience on your website or landing page. Now you’ll be able to harness that power of personalized video in many more incredible ways, throughout your inbound, and outbound efforts.

Where could I use real-time personalization?

With this latest update, you can leverage real-time personalization in any inbound campaign so that your audience has personal touches across multiple marketing channels, like product pages, pricing pages, ABM campaigns, content, and more.

We’re loving real-time personalized videos so much, that we’ve already started using it on our own site—on our pricing request page. Experience the magic first-hand by clicking the image below where you’ll be able to see how easy and engaging a real-time personalized video on your website could be.

Don’t worry it’s not a real pricing request form, just a copy so you can see the power of personalized video for inbound marketing!

Learn more about real-time personalization and all the latest and greatest features in the Vidyard Spring 2018 Update.

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